The Everlasting Fade – A Slam Poem


You don’t even have to smile actually,

It will all happen naturally.

One day I hope to give myself a passing grade,

I’m the type of guy who watches all that’s everlasting fade.

All I do is grab a pen and throw it down like a slam dunk,

Watch me take these words and infuse them with jazz-punk.

Hobble along until I’m at the finish line,

I’ll keep working towards something even after quitting time.

I’ll keep working till it works out,

Looking at my life from a lighthouse, seeing how it’s turned out,

So you can catch me dancing with the devil,

Catch me eating my food off the periodic table because I’m just that metal.

Just catch me like a foul ball;

Like a recovering Pink Floyd addict, I’m off The Wall.

You see, all I do is make mistakes and then I try to make it up;

Me, myself, and I are calling quits and finally breaking up.

I’m not a gambling man but I bet I could lose it all,

I’m real bad with numbers so I will let you make the call.

You see I rip through time and space,

With my defining grace,

Killing time and saving face,

Not a bad flow but an amazing pace.

I’m standing centre stage centrefold,

I’ll keep it young at heart until the day I’m hella old.

I’d snap back to reality, but reality’s not real enough;

Life’s a bitch but I would numb my fingertips just so I could feel her up.

They say too much of a good thing is bad for your health,

And having a free spirit is bad for your wealth;

A real mirror doesn’t just show your true self,

It shows what you’d be missing if you were someone else.

And every time my ego heals I can’t help but pick at the scabs;

I pick at myself while I’m picked apart by these fads.

I’m always picked apart by these trendsetters who think they set trends,

But they don’t even realize it’s the trends that set them.

My poetry in motion comes with batteries not included;

I used to be somebody until Myself and I left Me feeling excluded.

Sometimes my poems sound like the rhythm to a rap beat,

Catch me running from my problems like an athlete.

My smackdown is raw.

My razor blade’s a saw;

Every fingertip a claw.

I paint pictures with my words,

it’s the only way I can draw.

Catch me running through the jungle trying my best to start some trouble;

I got plans to be the greatest even if I have to struggle.

I got plans to be the greatest meaning nobody’s gonna stop me,

My words are my weapon and I keep my weapons on me.

Catch me dusting for fingerprints on your heart strings,

In between a rock and a hard place and I’m parallel parking.

Sticks and stones may break my Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

This one girl stole my heart and took with it an artery.

Never say never though I actually might;

Spring time’s for lovers and I’m madly in like.

And to my future wife:

This is the hardest three minutes I have gone my entire life.

I see shadows in the blacklight, I watch the darkness creep along;

I’ll sleep with one eye open until the need to sleep is gone.

Nightlights in the morning, insomnia the alarm clock.

Half-past forever, so I feel the hours tick, tok.

A rush of blood to my head, better off dead;

Being the judge, jury, and executioner is something that I Dredd.

This is poetry written by someone who has sensitive skin;

I have monsters in my closet because my nightmares let them in.

And when I was hurting I would listen to the birds sing,

But once rap music got popular they all just started cursing.

Have you ever wanted to tell a girl

That she was the perfect combination of both sexy and beautiful,

but you were too scared to tell her in fear that the feelings weren’t mutual?

I have a way with words and still these words have their way with me.

I watch all that’s everlasting fade, but maybe that’s how it was made to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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