Noted Notes On Nothing

Know to leave the table when your time is being wasted and Love is not being served.

…And never settle for 20% when you deserve 100%-110%.

When a person truly desires a genuine chance at a romantic connection with you, no amount of fear will get in the way of that. When a person truly cares, they exert even the simplest form of effort into courting you and getting to know you. At the very least, if your suitor respects you, they’ll meet you halfway in the process of deepening the bond. A person who sees your light would never risk dimming your luminance or your spirit—they’d never leave you to question where you stand with them, even when having to actualize space for you in their life creates an uncomfortable experience. Because when they’re truly ready to love, they must also be truly ready to push themselves… Truly ready to take your hand and walk in faith.

If the individual creates an atmosphere of inconsistency and confusion to compensate for a personal lack of courage, you have to see them and their actions as a reflection of all they’re capable of offering, without romanticizing the prince/princess charming persona you’ve prematurely accredited to them.

Why is it always the people we’re good to who overlook us the most? It’s sad to think that your kindness, compassion, and intellect would be treated as something one can find at the grocery store any day of the week. It’s even sadder to think that one would see you, your individuality, and beauty (YES “beauty,” self-love, not ego) as comparable to the next person. It’s sad to think that someone who cared would put you, of all people, on standby until they felt like prioritizing even the tiniest bit of interest… The saddest part of it all; that anyone would disappreciate the grace you bring by being tactless as if you’re ‘regular.’

Sometimes you’ve just got to pack up [metaphorically] and take your love elsewhere. By “elsewhere,” I mean give it right back to yourself. Fill that space in your heart, that space you so lovingly kept on reserve, with a new purpose—the purpose of self-love so profound, anything less from another person becomes unrecognizable.

Because being willing and able to love another, flaws and all, in 2019 is rare, and it’s beautiful… The act of love is a reflection of how well you’ve cared for yourself and of how full your self-respect tank is. A person willing to accept you unconditionally is a blessing… Anyone willing to risk having you due to fear is daft.

Relationships are far from easy… We’re too complex for a ‘one size fits all’ policy, here, but beware of excusing poor treatment and disregard as an investment into a future with someone. You should always know whether or not you matter to a person. That should be the standard, otherwise, you’re dealing with Mr. Emotionally Unavailable, plain and simple.

Being patient and compassionate towards the person your heart heals for is one thing; but in the gamble of love, sometimes you win and sometimes they lose.

I’m a guy with so much to share, finally finding the courage to do so.

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