12 Frustrating Customers Every Cashier Deals With (As Told By A Former Victoria’s Secret Cashier)

I can’t even begin to say how many girls have said, “Wow you work at Victoria’s Secret it must be a dream come true” as I ring up their bras and various swim apparel. While the company does have some perks, the customers are really the ones that make my job the most difficult. Sure, minimum wage isn’t the greatest pay, but it is definitely more bearable than getting yelled at by a customer because you denied their return because they forgot to bring an I.D.

Here are some of the worst, most frustrating problems cashiers deal with, as told by a former Victoria’s Secret Employee.

1. The customer who waited until she got to the register to decide what she wanted.

Like you had that entire line to pick out which of the 5 for $27 panties you wanted please just hand me five and let’s get this over with

2. The customer who interrupts you when you ask if they want to apply for an angel card.

Please know that it in no way affects my life if you get the angel card, I’m required to ask so please let me just finish my scripted sentence and politely decline when I finish speaking.

3. The customer that hands me their credit card instead of using the perfectly good pin pad within arms reach.

I am busy ringing up your panties and de-censoring every goddamn item in your bag while answering the phone and bagging your items, the least you could do is swipe your own card.

4. The customer who has 30 items to return that she bought online but doesn’t know which receipt each item is on.

Like do you not understand that I have to now go through all 5 crumpled receipts you handed me and find the exact sku number of every return?

5. The customer that just “wants to know the price of everything as it rings up.”

Again, let me point you in the direction of the pin pad right in front of your face that shows you the prices as I ring them up.

6. The customer that tells you they don’t want/need a bag after you already bag everything.

We have to wrap every item in tissue paper before we bag it. Not only did you waste 15 precious seconds of my life but also you wasted a lot of tissue paper that I have to refill at the end of the night.

7. The comical genius that replies, “you did” when I ask who helped them.

It’s like a bad dad joke; I can’t even force a fake smile or laugh anymore.

8. The impatient customer on line that asks if we have another cashier available.

I’m sorry, but don’t you think if anyone else were available they would be helping me tame the line that has slowly crawled to the back of the store? Please be patient.

9. The customer that only buys the panties that are $3.99 and refuses to buy the one pair that rings up for $4.99.

It is literally a dollars difference. Hell, I’ll give you a dollar if you save me the trouble of taking it off your receipt and putting it back out on the floor where you found it.

10. The customer that wants me to be their personal shopper.

Sorry honey but this isn’t Macys, I will not leave the cash register to help you find the exact Sexy Tee racer back bra you need.

11. The customer that talks on their phone during the entire transaction.

I need to ask you who helped you so they can earn commission or at least ask if you’re paying credit/debit so I can hit the button on my screen so please get off your phone for two minutes.

12. The customer that gives their children gift cards to play with while they wait.

Gift cards are not free, and they are not meant for a child to suck on while they wait for their mother to pay. Please for the love of God if you let your child suck on a gift card at least keep it.

So next time you’re in Victoria’s Secret, avoid being any of these 12 people at all costs. You’ll probably save an employee wasting 3 Advil on a tension headache and an expensive yoga class to try and calm them down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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