How I Became An Underage International Writer

Most people seem to think they only have to start worrying about their resume when they are in their last year of high school, but I was different. It may have been my anxiety or the fact that anyone in my family is in this business, but even before I turned 15, I was already trying to build an amazing portfolio, resume and have a lot of experience to make me be 100% sure of what I really wanted to graduate in and work with for the rest of my life.

When I turned 15, I already had a few experience ghost-writing articles and when I saw one of my articles on a website I was checking out online, I realized I how bad I actually felt about it and decided that my age didn’t matter, or at least it should, and I shouldn’t keep writing for people who gets clients because they had a really extensive resume and writing clip. I was going to build my own and try my best to make it as extensive and with as much quality as theirs.

Ghost writing wasn’t a bad thing for me in the beginning, I made money and learned a lot from this experience. Considering my age and that English wasn’t even my native language having this experience helped me improve my writing, made me overcome my age and come out of my shell when I realized I could have a career as a writer, even before I could even imagine, if I worked hard and didn’t give up on it.

First, I started by applying to jobs/internships everywhere. But considering I didn’t have a portfolio or resume it wasn’t easy, but I didn’t give up until I got my first article published with my name and bio under it. At that moment I got ready of all of my worries of not being able to do it because of my lack of experience and my age. At that moment I realized how much hard work and effort pays off.

I was never one to give up until I had reached total success or to give excuses not to try. Once I set a goal (and I’m constantly doing so) I always work hard and never give up until I achieve it. There were moments where I would get upset for not getting an opportunity, but luckily I never gave up.

Today, I’m 18-years-old and in just four years I have been able to create a writing portfolio and a resume to be proud of, and I’m not even in college yet. So if there’s one tip I would like to give everyone reading this is: Set a goal and work towards it until you achieve it and it doesn’t matter how discouraged you feel, never give up. There will always have an open door in the path of those who work hard! Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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