Distance Will Never Overpower The Love That I Feel For You

“Distance gives us a reason to love harder.” — Anonymous
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For as long as I can remember, I have always been impulsive. I’ve been known to make quick and last minute decisions. I’m one of those people who committedly believes that no matter what the circumstance is, life always has a way of working itself out. It might not be perfect, but life isn’t supposed to be perfect.

That’s why I didn’t think twice when it came to completely committing to you.

Society doesn’t understand why we chose each other, considering we are in two different states and we’re living two different lives, but it’s not about them, it’s about us because little do they know we are chasing the same dream.

We both had dreams of meeting someone who would cherish our imperfections. We both had dreams of meeting someone who would admire our beings. We both had dreams of meeting someone who would encourage our goals and aspirations.

This is me telling you that I cherish all of your imperfections.

This is me telling you that I admire every single part of your being.

This is me telling you that I will always encourage all of your goals and aspirations.

This is me telling you that my heart chooses you.

Distance will never overpower the love that I feel for you.

I didn’t know you before the distance or before the uniform. I chose you in the midst of the distance and while you were wearing the uniform.

We can both confess that our feelings progressed rather quickly, but from the scarce beginning my heart knew that we were meant for this.

It was late at night, in the middle of fall; I heard your voice so perfectly roll through the wire when I knew.

It was the first FaceTime call that trailed a few days after that when I knew.

It was the beginning of winter, standing in the parking garage that marked our halfway point when I knew.

And the hug that followed, I knew then too.

It was in the middle of the night, I awoke in your embrace, with the sound of your heart beating against my check, and I felt so safe. It was in that moment when I knew.

It was when we were sitting on the floor of that hotel room, sharing the dark corners of our heart, over a cheap bottle of wine when I knew.

It was when we ran into each other’s arms at the airport when I knew.

It was when we were overlooking the beach, your hand intertwined with mine when I knew.

It was me watching you shake my dad’s hand for the first time when I knew.

It was the tears that warmed my face, as another trip was coming end when I knew.

It was when you held my face in your palms and whispered, “it won’t be like this forever,” when I knew.

It is in every laugh, in every sleepy “I miss you,” every ding of my phone, every picture, every flutter, every tingle, every smile, every hug, every kiss, and in every word, that I will always know.

You make me feel so valued, so adored, and so special. Even being 1000 miles away you still manage to make me feel like I am the only girl in the world. I impulsively decided that you were the person to me, and I will never regret that.

So, even though society discredits and doubts our situation, I will always be proud of what we’ve created. How we so effortlessly ignore the rulebooks that the world tries to provide.

People call us crazy, but I call us lucky. TC mark

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