Here’s The Secret To Unlocking True Happiness

Matthew Henry
Matthew Henry

To be ultimately happy, you must truly love yourself. You must love who you are regardless of any other aspect. You must put your successes or how attractive you are deemed to the side. You must fall in love with yourself for simply being you. The feelings, emotions, morals, thoughts, flaws and strengths that you sustain. Each thing that makes up who you are. I want you to love yourself so much so that if you were to lose everything, you would be just as fond as yourself as you were when you had it all.

Some of those who attain the highest standards of these materialistic attributions are not happy at all because they simply do not love themselves. They are trying to have enough physically to fill in the emptiness that they feel. They live their lives never feeling enough. Not to anyone else’s standards might I say, but their own. We can be our own worst enemies at times, wasting our time and emotions attempting to reach these impossible goals of being the best at everything. Attempting to win love and appreciation from others because we lack it ourselves. The truth is, happiness begins within. You must love yourself from the inside, and then everything will fall into place on the outside.

You can have it ‘all’ and not be happy. To waste your life never feeling fulfilled because you don’t hold that job or earn that salary is sad. Because you don’t look like that or weigh two stone less. Because you don’t drive that car or wear that wedding ring. Because you don’t have that degree or live in that neighbourhood. If only everyone knew that these factors are just small additions to life.

They do not make up life itself – you do.

Here are some examples of how to love yourself:

Eat heathy foods – I cannot stress enough how much of an affect the food you eat has on your mental health. Eat crap, feel crap. Eat good, feel good. Simple.

Be unapologetically yourself – Listen to the music you love and wear the clothes you want. How can you love yourself if you aren’t even being you?

Get off social media – It drags us into a whirlwind of competition. Making us focus on what we materialistically hold. You cannot prove your soul over an Instagram shot or a status update.

Be grateful – Even the smallest things such as having heating, this will give you a sense of happiness about what you already are and have.

”Consider how very fortunate you are. Consider it every day. The more you count your blessings, the more blessings there will be to count.” — Marcandangel

Refuse to feel regret – Do not spend precious time putting yourself down for doing something that you wanted to do previously, in that moment you wanted it. Everything happens for a reason.

Look in the mirror less – The less you focus on how you look, the less important it will become.

To hold ‘ultimate’ happiness, you must first achieve the aim of truly loving yourself, and until you do, you will never reach your goal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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