You’re An Intoxicating Distraction

Is it really me that you crave? Or is it perhaps the idea of me? My soft lips pressed against yours while I am wrapped up in your arms. Whispering sweet words to one another while we forget everything else in our lives for just a few moments.

You have been hurt – I can tell. I can see who you are and how deep your love can go. I can also tell that you gave it all to someone who took it for granted. Everyone says it takes time to heal and to mend a broken heart. Distractions aren’t the best idea during this time for they will take your mind off of the pain but they are simply a temporary band-aid on an open wound.

I am guilty of it too. Life can be tough and it is so easy to find comfort in the arms of another struggling soul. You take all my stress away with your forehead kisses and middle of the night squeezes. It is almost an addiction; feeling that sweet release of dopamine that also stimulates the same area of the brain that cocaine and heroin does. Who wouldn’t want to feel that? But at what cost does this come? False hopes and almost relationships… what a dangerous game to play.

You mention you want to sleep next to me, to hold me, to kiss me – this makes me smile, because I want that too. But the ups and downs that come with this type of romance can feel tumultuous. The highs are really high, but the lows are really low – a love hangover, if you will.

Just be careful with my heart. I am not here to mend you or replace what you had, that is not something I would ever want. I am here fully and wholly ready to love someone unconditionally.

So before you call me again, ask yourself if it is me that you want or the numbing feeling of an intoxicating distraction. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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