It’s Hard To Tell

It’s hard to tell when somebody is hurting.
When their bones are breaking, their body shaking.

It’s hard to tell when enough is enough.
When someone no longer has the strength to not give up.

It’s hard to tell when it’s time to step in.
When the smile on their face starts to grow very thin.

And it’s hard to tell if that person is you.
When you’ve spent your whole life just pushing through.

It’s hard to tell if you’ve got anything left.
When you’ve given more than you’ll ever get.

It’s hard to be brave when that somebody is you.
When life has stripped you of everything you knew.

It’s hard to be fine without a little bit of practice.
When your mind is constantly consumed by madness. 

And it’s hard to see all the warning signs.
When you’ve spent your whole life keeping everyone blind.

It’s hard to pick yourself up, piece by piece.
When you can’t even get out from under your sheets.

It’s hard to think you matter at all.
When your demons make you feel so small.

It’s hard to believe there’s a god up there.
When your suffering becomes more than you can bear.

And it’s hard to tell that it’s going to hurt.
When you take that knife out from under your shirt.

It’s hard to imagine the pain that’ll be felt.
When your family learns of the cards they’ve been dealt.

It’s hard to know their reactions would be like yours.
When your heart has been through so many wars.

It’s hard to think of anything but grief.
When life hasn’t offered you any relief.

And it’s hard to believe it’ll get better from here.
When those feelings won’t ever seem to disappear.

But I promise it does, and one day that’ll be clear.
When you realize your purpose is supposed to be here. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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