4 Legit Reasons Your Mom Is Always Right

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I’ve always looked up to my Mom (even during my trying teenage years…though I’d never admit it). She’s your typical strict Italian Mom standing less than 5 feet tall but has the ability to intimidate a giant of a man. She raised me as a single Mom for most of my life, which is something I greatly respect her for. Her independence, fiery personality, and unconditional love are no doubt admirable qualities; but what I’ve come to admire most is the fact that she is always right. At first, it began with little things like, “Yes Mom, I should have brought a jacket’ or ‘you were right, eating an entire jar of pickles was a bad idea’. I kind of ignored the slowly growing pattern because surely my Mom didn’t know more than I did. But, her all-knowing attitude became too convincing to ignore. I think it’s important to make your own mistakes and learn from them because it helps you grow as a person. Experiences good or bad are always a blessing, but from time to time listen to your Mom. Although I will fight her on everything, I really do listen to her advice (and sometimes even follow it). What I’ve come to realize is Moms are basically the great and powerful Wizard of Oz…and here’s why.

Anything You’ve Experienced she’s basically the OG

My best friends and I are often indecisive when it comes to dealing with life’s everyday issues. We don’t always know the best route to take or are experiencing a problem for the first time. We will literally group Facetime with our Moms because anything we’re going through they’ve already done it. When it comes to laundry questions, trying new recipes, or something more intimidating like searching for your big girl job…your Mom can help! Even just talking out your concerns with someone who has lived the same problem before just makes you feel at ease.

You probably get compared to your Mom a lot, and obviously, you want to be your own individual (you are fabulous after all), but take a look at you Mom’s best qualities because trust me she has a lot of them. Model some of her traits and you will be twice the person you are now. My Mom is such a strong-willed woman and is the definition of girl power. I’m a very detailed and passionate person and having these qualities I can honestly say… ‘I got it from my Mama’.

She Gives A LOT of Tough Love

My Mom isn’t a ‘regular mom she’s a cool mom’…in the regard that she will always talk some sense into me. Your Mom should be your best friend, but your Mom first! I used to get so annoyed in High School over how strict she was and that she wouldn’t just hand me a mickey and send me off to the party. We would argue all the time (still do) and I never understood why she didn’t let me just do what I wanted or what my friends did. But, as high school progressed I saw it literally make or break some of my classmates. So thank you Mom, for instilling such strong morals and values in me. I still had my fun and did my fair share of sneaking around, but I always had her in the back of my mind (honestly I was scared shitless of her sometimes), and that kept me grounded. Even as adults your Mom will still try to correct your attitude, give you shit for partying too much, and make you keep your life on track. You have to respect someone who cares more about your success than their own.

She is Your Personal Relationship Adviser

I’ve fallen in love a few times and have had my heart broken just as many. My Mom has always been the one to quickly judge a book by its cover and continue to judge all of its pages until she decided it was worth the read. Sometimes I listened to her advice about boys and other times I fought her on it until I realized what a loser he was. Although we coined the term ‘fuck boy’ our moms dealt with their fair share of assholes and know how to handle them. My Mom dated, got married, got divorced, and got remarried so it’s obvious she has advice for my boyfriend troubles. She’s been there for the heartbreaks and never fails to remind me that I dated a total loser. Your Mom will always have your back when it comes to relationships and will probably end up hating the boy that broke your heart more than you do. It’s good to talk to your besties about your relationships but go to someone who is a Vet in that department.

She Just IS

After much deliberation with a panel of my best friends, we have determined that Moms are always right because they just are. They have so much experience and worldly knowledge that no matter what your problem might be they can always come up with a solution. If you can’t fix your problem yourself you better believe that your Mom will do anything she can to fix it for you. Just like how my Mom still needs my Grandma…I know I’m going to need my Mom for a really long time. TC mark

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