To The Introverted Nerdy Boy Who Thinks No Girl Will Like Him


Here’s the thing. I do.

I like how you always seem so hesitant to talk to me, but the moment we do, you can’t seem to stop. I like hearing those words, even when I can’t seem to understand them myself sometimes. But I’ll still pretend to follow along with what you’re saying.

I like the way you fall down when you’re trying to learn how to dance, but the moment you get up, you start over again and the cycle continues. I like watching your determination to be the best that you can, even though sometimes, you choose to dance over being with me.

I like it when you don’t trust my opinions, but the moment you go against them and realize your way may not be the best path to go, you come back and tell me you’re wrong. I like that humble side of you and how you’ll admit your faults.

I like the way you make fun of me when I seem so lost and confused, but the moment I hear you laughing, I can’t help but start laughing myself. You’re contagious. Secretly, I like how you tease and laugh at me because it means you’re paying attention to me.

I like the unconventional way we talk and the unconventional way you think. I like the weird way you hold yourself and weird way you laugh at me. It’s what makes you stand out. You’re so true to yourself and don’t give a s*** about what other people think of you. Something that’s rare and hard to find and I hope to find someone one day with that essence.

You won’t believe me when I tell you these things. I feel like I’m in high school all over again, where you act mean to your crush so he won’t think you like him.

But I hope this has convinced you otherwise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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