I Can’t Believe That 2017 Is Almost Over

Unsplash / Brigitte Tohm

Where did the year go?

It went to making a big change,
and then not changing at all.
Same mistakes, new mistakes,
growing in a circle.

It went to craving adventure
but needing home.
Love, hate
exhaustion, excitement
peace and chaos —
in the most extreme forms.

It went to mice in my room,
sleepless nights, mosquito bites
Choosing bus fare or bland food.
And then
Mansion parties,
boating in the Caribbean,
wine on balconies with every view.

It went to empathizing with a country trying to vote for peace
And then living the reality of my own country voting for 45.

It went to finding my voice and losing my inhibitions,
Making time for my own happiness,
and then losing track of time,
Days that dragged on endlessly,
And then an ending that came too soon.

It went to a dream not deferred,
rather lived to the fullest.
But now quickly fading, into a distant memory,
As if it were all just a wild dream,
once again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I’m a 27-year-old teacher currently living in Los Angeles, CA.

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