7 Liberating Natural Highs That Everyone Should Experience

The most liberating feeling to experience as human is letting go to the point of ecstasy. This is why drug addicts get hooked, why we drink alcohol to loosen up, meditate, travel etc. Anything we love to the point to get consumed in- watching tv, etc- is a way to get out of our own mind and into something else. Face it, we as humans need a break from thinking sometime

As I’ve been getting into holistic healing I’ve been using all natural resources to meet my basic needs. I thought about the ‘highs’ I’ve experienced in my life from the silliest natural activities. These are endorphin overloads, similar to what people experience on man made drugs. Here’s my list, and I wish these experiences on all.


1. Sky Diving

Holy shit. I actually did it. I jumped OUT of a fucking plane 3 miles in the air. And the earth pulled me back at 160 mph for one minute. I floated above the earth with NOTHING between me and the ground. Daaaamnn. And I survived.  HAHAHAH.  I landed in one of those huge brown squares cut into the blue planet. I saw the blue of the planet and the universe meeting the curve of the earth. Sick.

2. The Orgasm

God. How can I even explain this one. Like pure naked bliss on cloud 9 where all atoms of your body tingle and tickle and are seductively soft as a smooth kitten. And one of the best parts? You and the only other most amazing alluring person in the world just worked to get you there. Naked. mmmhmm.

3. Running

Theres a point after running for a few minutes that you can conquer the world. Literally. You can do anything. Impossible is nothing. You’re the strongest most powerful human being EVER and life is goddam great.

4. Living Abroad

They say you’re not really fluent in a language until you dream in it. Being submersed in it is a real quick way to learn. It’s hard fucking work and sometimes it can go horribly wrong and you can end up on the wrong train lost somewhere. But inevitably learning from mistakes will expand vocabulary and eventually you’re damn near fluent. And it hits you that you just had a 2 hour conversation in that language, thinking in that language, understanding THAT language!!!!!! WOahhh.

5. Not Sleeping

My grandma called it ‘slap happy’ but when you’re so overtired that you’re not even tired anymore. After days of not sleeping and/or staying up for hours over cramming your brain in college calculus that you just think EVERYTHING is a joke. You literally can’t stop laughing it’s just so funny. What’s funny? I Have no idea just everything. ahhahaha the number 4 it’s just fucking hysterical IDK WHY!!!!!!!

6. Falling in Love

Finding another person in the world who’s just so unbelievably beautiful. Inside and out. They’re wonderful, everySINGLE attribute you could ever want in someone else- and they think the same exact thing about you. And for some reason, everything about everything in the world is fucking beautiful.

7. Meeting A Celebrity

This is like the coolest feeling ever. And it’s a dope story! Like wow, this person is actually human. They walk and talk and are breathing the same air as me! Fiiiiiree.

I’m sure there’s way more and I know there’s only more to come. I hope everyone has the chance to experience at least one of these awesome highs. And keep in mind, it’s the lows that make those highs SO much better. So be thankful for every single situation you encounter. We’re alive and (hopefully) healthy. The presence is a present. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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