10 Things That Happen When You Stop Constantly Checking Facebook

Flickr / mkhmarketing
Flickr / mkhmarketing

Many people spend hours a day on Facebook and yet cannot come up with a reason why they do it. Here are things you discover when you spend less time on Facebook than usual.

1. You become more happy and content.

Researchers at the University of Darmstadt and Humboldt University found that seeing photos of vacations and getting awareness of other people’s successes makes people resentful, forlorn, and dejected. By reducing your time, such feelings are also reduced. Researchers at the University of Gothenburg have found that the users who spend more time on Facebook report feeling less happy and less content with their lives. When you lessen your time on Facebook, the levels of your happiness and contentment rise.

2. You raise your productivity.

When you put Facebook down, you’ll discover there is more to do and more need for your involvement. You will have that zeal to finish what you’d started—be it a book, craftwork, a song, or other tasks. When you leave Facebook, you’ll realize how many things you need to do. And if you find there is nothing to do, you’ll have to look for a task to keep yourself busy to avoid boredom—thus, it will make you get more work done.

3. Your self-esteem is restored.

You think you are too fat or too thin, or maybe not as beautiful as that girl. Forget it, that’s a lie! There is nothing wrong with you. It’s just that Facebook makes you wish to be somebody else, which drains your affirmative thoughts about yourself.

4. You have more privacy.

If you value your privacy, you may need to limit your time on Facebook. You should have heard about the RIOT (Rapid Information Overlay Technology) system, which mines Facebook to figure out what you look like, places you visit, and the people with whom you associate. Facebook can be used to scout anything about you.

5. You beat an addiction.

Checking Facebook continually is an addiction, and you know it. Putting a stop into the incessant time you spend on there will keep your addiction in check.

6. You become more mindful of things around you.

When Facebook seizes your attention, you have less regard for things or even people that need you. But when you Facebook, you see what needs to be done, what pet needs to be fed, and what your beloved one needs from you.

7. You find out who really cares about you.

It’s great to have online friends, but nothing beats having friends around to assist you and always want to hang out with you. These are actual friends, unlike your Facebook friends.

8. You stop worrying.

What happens when someone make a bad comment about the picture you think is your best so far? Or when someone refuses to reply to your repeated messages? You begin to worry, of course. The more you limit your Facebook time, the less you have to worry about.

9. You stop procrastinating.

Though not completely, but at least to a much greater extent. People have big work to do in front of them, but instead on doing their job, you see them on Facebook, using the media as an excuse to procrastinate.

10. Your life gets easier.

It is useless and to some extent, stupid to check your significant other’s Facebook every night just before bed. If you want to make your life less difficult, start trusting one another. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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