5 Reasons Hawaiian Shirts Are High Fashion Items


I’ve been always into flashy, fun clothing. When I started Viceroy in February 2011, I discovered the world of tropical clothing. At the time, Hawaiian and 80s prints were considered a thing of the past, or something my dad would buy from Tommy Bahama. Where others saw a defunct fashion, I saw potential and inspiration. People thought it was extremely silly to wear this kind of clothing. Three years later, everyone and their mother is rocking tropical clothing. Modernizing retro styles is a pillar of high fashion, so it’s no wonder that Hawaiian shirts are all the rage now. Here are a few reasons why I think Hawaiian Shirts are high fashion:

1. They are bold and make a statement.

I don’t think something has to be original or brand new in order for it to be high fashion, but it needs to catch people’s attention. The tropical print shirts I wear are not only bright and catch people’s attention; but people constantly comment on them, mostly asking where I bought it. Clothing is one of the first things people notice – why not be bold with it?

2. Just because they are “in” doesn’t mean it has to cost and arm and a leg.

I think what is so great about Hawaiian shirts is that they’ve been around for years. Some of the best ones are rare ones from the 50s that you find in a vintage store for eight bucks. I think that the tropical clothing trend goes against the notions of classic definitions of high fashion, making it a new breed of high fashion. Gucci and Prada are a dying breed of high fashion; recycling fashion is far cooler to me.

3. They are fun.

Plain and simple: they are extremely fun to wear! The days of boring white t-shirts and skinny black jeans are over and some people just can’t keep up with my love for tropical clothing. It’s refreshing, and when a new fashion trend comes along that challenges fashion norms in a polarizing yet fun way, I consider that a mark of high fashion.

4. This trend is a revival of a past trend.

As I mentioned before, Hawaiian shirts are not a new fashion trend. A common occurrence in high fashion is the revival of old trends and giving it a new meaning in a modern world. This has happened with all kinds of shoes and sunglass styles over the past 20 years.

5. Hawaiian shirts are bleeding into everyday apparel.

When an unpopular high fashion trend starts to turn the head of the average individual, you know its part of something bigger. People might argue that the mass popularization of something causes something to lose its status, but I disagree. I think it only solidifies Hawaiian shirts as an even stronger form of fashion, making it an essential part of someone’s wardrobe. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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