Even Disney Princesses Have Relationship Problems

Amazon / Aladdin
Amazon / Aladdin

We can all probably look back at our most favorite Disney movies and remember the wonderful romances between all the princesses and their Prince Charming’s.

On screen, they may have seemed to be the most perfect couples who could conquer all and forever live happily ever after.

But upon closer examination (and a bit of over-analysis), it is pretty safe to say that our most favorite Disney relationships were in fact doomed from the very beginning.

All the too-good-to-be-true qualities of love that although we may like to believe is possible thanks to Disney, and even have come to EXPECT were certainly far from reality.

Ariel And Eric

This relationship already starts off on the wrong foot when Ariel desperately feels she has to drastically change who she is and give up her talent to win over a man. And this isn’t just a compromise- it’s a total surrender of identity to do whatever it takes to get the guy. I mean yes, love at first sight is nice, but abandoning your family, drastically changing your body, giving up your strongest talent and giving up essentially everything for a man you barely know is just plain out crazy.

Expectation from Disney: A little negotiation goes a long way for love. Everything works out in the end because love conquers all.

Reality: Never, ever, ever give up your dreams to get a man. No matter what. If it’s meant to be, you do not need to change who you are to get him, let alone sacrifice your talent and gifts for a penis.

Belle And The Beast

If you ask me, this is probably the most messed up love story of them all. The Beast aggressively locks Belle in a room, depriving her of any food or water until she complies with his demands. He subjects her to his dominance, makes her a prisoner, hurls insults at her, and even makes the poor girl cry, yet Belle looks past his violence and sees beauty and goes on to fall in love with this beast. This relationship definitely parallels that of an abusive one, especially since majority of the time, victims of abuse justify the abuse by blaming themselves and the mentality of “they don’t really mean it deep down”.

Expectation from Disney: Don’t judge your man too harshly. He has a big ol’ heart deep down.

Reality: Underneath a man’s abusive exterior, is the same man who will probably pimp-slap the s*** out of you. Any relationship with an abusive partner is headed towards disaster… and also major counseling services. If he treats you like crap at the beginning, he will always treat you like crap. And you deserve way better than that!

Cinderella And Prince Charming

Love at first sight after a three-minute dance and a glass slipper fitting? I think it takes more than ten minutes to actually fall for someone, but this seems to be a reoccurring thing in Disney stories.

Expectation from Disney: Dreams do come true and the universe practically hands you Prince Charming if you wait long enough.

Reality: Romance takes time, patience and a lot of commitment. It takes two to tango and both parties of the relationship must be willing to work on it together. In order to succeed, you have to work for it. Moping around and waiting for something good to happen won’t get you anywhere.

Aladdin And Jasmine

This story is the typical scenario of a poor, lower-social class guy who has to lie about his identity to get the girl of his dreams who so happens to be a rich princess. Aladdin sneaks into Jasmine’s room late at night and whisks her away on his magic carpet ride to see the world. Romantic, until we realize that he lies to her again about who he really is and claims to be a prince all along. And not only does he lie to Jasmine, but to his genie as well.

Expectation from Disney: It’s okay to lie, as long as it’s for a good reason.

Reality: When a man says he’s someone who he’s not, is a compulsive liar, and a con artist, then stay away! This Disney story is probably the equivalent of a catfish scenario, tricking a girl to like him.

The way Disney portrays romantic relationships is sometimes a little far-fetched compared to reality. They present a sort of fantasy romance where everything is just pure happiness and bliss and a happily-ever after ending, looking past the flaws within these love stories.

At first, every relationship may seem that way, but they don’t ever remain that way. Fights, disagreements, and arguments do happen. And even though they are normal and realistic things, Disney has never really shown this aspect. They show two people completely in love, all into each other, etc, etc. The real story begins when Disney stories end.

It isn’t two strangers just randomly bumping into each other and feeling that just because this is love at first sight, everything will be perfect now. No. There is no such thing as endless excitement and eternal passion. A relationship needs effort and time and if both parties are willing to dedicate that to each other, then THAT’S a real happy ending. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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