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Love Him, But Let Him Go

He tells you it is the wrong time, that if you had met at a different place, another path in time, he would have been ready to love you. Instead, you met at a crossroads, a place where you both wanted something different.

He tells you that you share a special connection, that you hold a piece of his heart and that he will always care about you, but he is ready to leave you and continue in his own growth separate from yours.

He tells you he wants to be exclusive but then consistently finds excuses for why he cannot be with you, and his leaving is the only thing you need to pay attention to.

For if someone truly cares about you, they will never be undecided in their feelings for you. If someone really loves you, they will never leave you.

Ask yourself why you hold onto a heart that you will only ever have a piece of. Ask yourself if this is the kind of love that you have been searching for.

Regardless of the connection you have or the things you have shared, a true and honest love will feel free. It will bring joy and comfort, a sense of feeling complete. A true love will not abandon you.

Anything less than this is just not meant for you.

And I know that it hurts beyond measure to close the door on someone you love, because your feelings and effort were genuine.

But you deserve so much more than words and broken promises, much more than indecision and doubt.

You deserve a love that is constant, that chooses you above all else. You deserve to feel secure in its embrace, to be able to trust in its essence.

You deserve to be loved with a whole heart.

So love him, but let him go.

Because true love will always find you, at the right time, in the right moment. And it will never leave you.

Writing is the wound that words weep from

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