He’s The One I Crave

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I hear he tells his friends how gorgeous I am to him. How he wants to take me on dates though I don’t say yes often. But he’ll keep asking till I give in.

I hear he tells his friends how he holds his breath just a little bit when he sees my name on his screen. He then goes on to writing and rewriting what seems to be his ‘almost perfect’ responses to me. Hoping to make me laugh, and that I’ll continue to reply to him.

I hear he tells his friends, how much he yearns to be close to me. Close enough that the scent of my floral perfume still lingers on his shirt after I leave.

I hear he tells his friends, that he sees me in his dreams. Lazing in bed together on a Sunday morning – underneath the sheets with his arms around me with my lips on his cheeks.

I hear he tells his friends, he wonders when I will see, that he’s standing right in front of me waiting and wishing for me.

But if only he knew, that we were never meant to be. I was just trying to be friendly, I do not wish to come across mean.

So many eyes on me but mine are set on him. Not the one who thinks I’m gorgeous and not the one who yearns to be close to me. Neither is he the one who sees me in his dreams.

But HE.

He’s the one who leaves me, wishing that they were him. The one who lights up my entire day when his name is on my screen. The one who holds me close on a Sunday as my fingers trace his skin. But most of all, he’s the one I crave for but he’s never craved for me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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