In Times Of Crisis, We Must Come Together

There is beauty in times of crisis, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It takes a common enemy for humanity to blossom, and it takes dark times to remind us that the only way to survive is by sticking together. Times like this show us how thin our borders are and how our differences only serve to point out how similar we all are.

I am no stranger to crisis, and I know some of you can relate, but seeing the world going through severe change at the same time, for the same reason, is memorable, terrifying, and spectacular all at the same time. No language barrier, no color, no race, no gender, no virus is strong enough to stop us from connecting. People are saving people, and though we will continue to lose some on the way to recovery, I’ve seen how capable we are of lifting each other.

I have seen singing and dancing on balconies to a crowd of known strangers. I have felt emotions shared through instruments and the music that results. I have heard clapping with loud echoes to recognize the hard work of those trying to save us. I have laughed and cried at the immense creativity that has resulted from this situation because, somehow, remaining in isolation has brought us all closer together. Our humanity has allowed us to find joy within the chaos.

Now more than ever, I value those who listen and take action. I value those who warn us from across the seas. I value those who step back so the most vulnerable can heal. I value those who share their stories. I value us humans for remembering who we can be.

In times of uncertainty and fear, I know we are more than capable of moving forward. We will mourn those who were lost, we will acknowledge the pain of those who suffered, and we will fight the consequences that will come, but we will also move on together.

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