Read This If 2019 Felt Personal To You

With December being a month of reflection, I can’t help but reminisce about who I was exactly a year ago. I was emotionally drained, tired, disconnected, and confused. 2018 was a year of wonderful highs but also of devastating lows. I specifically remember making a promise to myself December of 2018 that I would put myself first.

I look at myself today and I can’t help but smile at who I’ve become. I believe that for many, 2019 was a personal year, a year that allowed us to explore ourselves in the best way possible. 2019 was the year that transformed our mindsets into closer versions of who we truly are meant to be. I walked my way into 2019 with hopeful eyes and a wandering mind. But most importantly I declared that this year would be a wonderful one and not to be dramatic.

This year has been the best year of my life so far. Of course there were lows, and of course there were moments where I felt stuck and as if I was back in square one, but in the long run, those moments taught me to be more compassionate and patient towards myself, bettering oneself is an imperfect, never-ending process. It would not be realistic to say that this year was perfect, because it certainly was not, but there were a lot of perfect moments that made up for the hard ones.

It is incredible to see what happens when you follow your gut and you allow yourself to be more open to new experiences. You get what you attract, and this year was the proof of that. By putting yourself first and loving yourself as you know you should have done all along, you begin to attract people and opportunities that suit your growth and make life worth living for. Last year, I never thought I would travel as much as I did this year, get a job that I would actually like, engage more in school, make new friends and lose a few as well, value my family even more, meet people that would change my life in such a short period of time, experience the right type of love, and stick (mostly) to my personal goals. Overall, 2019 was a year full of surprises for me, a year that pushed me out of my comfort zone in the most rewarding way, a year that reminded me of the importance of being present in every moment. I truly feel like this year prepared me to what’s to come in 2020.

If this wasn’t the case for you, I hope that you do more of what you love this upcoming year, meaning you do more of what makes you feel excited. That could be writing, creating music, taking time for yourself, or even going on coffee dates. Whatever it is, it is worth it if it makes you happy. 2020 will be huge life changing year, a year that will bring more clarity into our lives. I believe plenty of decisions will have to be made in 2020, and I hope from the bottom of my heart that we will be strong and honest enough to make them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

My best days consist of reading, writing, and coffee.

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