I Still Hope It Will Be Us In The End

I Still Hope It Will Be Us In The End

Sometimes I truly hope our timing was simply off. That maybe someday in the near future I’ll see you and it will all make sense. We will laugh at the memories that once brought us so much pain and we will understand why it had to end when it did and the way it did. Hopefully, we will be in a better place mentally and emotionally. Because I believe all we need is time to grow and figure things out on our own. You weren’t ready, and as hard as I try to deny it, I wasn’t either. You are used to carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders while still trying to run a marathon. Sometimes I would lose my mind trying to understand yours, but it was beautiful. Maybe someday you will finally understand that if you want to go far you shouldn’t go alone. Because I believe the fact that you are still in my daily thoughts is not a coincidence. Because I believe you feel it in your bones that this is right whenever we are together. Because there has to be a reason for us not being able to fully stay away from each other. Because you were not just a lesson. Because we still miss each other.

So maybe someday our story will continue. We will have the energy to continue where we left off and we won’t give up when things get hard. We will be able to understand that being different doesn’t make our love any less real or not worth fighting for. We will feel ready to risk it all. Maybe someday we will make plenty of unforgettable memories, memories that we won’t want to ever forget. Maybe one day we will stop being so afraid of love. Or maybe we simply aren’t meant to be and you will just be that person for me, the person who showed me what true love felt like, what patience felt like, what respect felt like. You will be that person that felt like home and a challenge all at the same time. You will be that person who will come visit me in my dreams from time to time just so I can get a glimpse of the bliss we once experienced. You will be that person who came into my life so unexpectedly, so eagerly, to open my mind to a whole new world. Maybe you are the one for me but I am not the one for you.

So even if we are not meant to be, I will always want us to be. You will always be the one who got away, my main inspiration for my writings. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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