Please Don’t Forget To Come Home To Yourself

Come home to yourself.

Come home to yourself, because at the end of the day, you will always be your own home. Not the house. Not the job. Not the person. Not the friends. You.

It’s easy to stray away from home. It’s easy to feel uncomfortable when we stray far from home. But to say that we don’t all find ourselves straying a little farther away from home than we’d like to at times is an understatement. I’d say throughout 2020, I have strayed pretty far from home too many times to count. I always say that honesty with yourself is the most important thing in life, because if you can’t be honest with yourself, how can you be honest with anyone else? So let’s be honest.

Life has a way of feeling like a wild roller coaster at times—for most of us in 2020, this has been exacerbated. Life can feel overwhelming. It can feel uncertain. It can feel happy, exciting, and peaceful. But it can also feel scary.

This underlying fear of what life can do has controlled much of my adult years. It has controlled my happiness and my decisions. What I have realized is that a life driven in fear is not a life. What happened to seeing life for what it is? For the beautiful parts and for the smallest things that make you smile. For the genuine conversations with strangers that can change your life and that you will remember forever. Life doesn’t have to be scary, and life doesn’t have to be lived in fear. Because that isn’t living. Things don’t have to be so scary, and things don’t have to go so wrong. And all things in life, regardless of how unpleasant, can always be handled. Because every day, you can come home to yourself.

Begin your day at home with yourself. End your day coming home to yourself. Do this every day, whatever it takes. It’s so easy to get sidetracked from that journey back home with the world we live in. It’s so easy to not like what home looks like at times, and to not want to come home to it. I think these moments are when we need to remember it the most. Sometimes we need to remember that a home isn’t always clean and tidy and prim and perfect. Sometimes, it needs some clean up. Sometimes, it needs some fixing and patience. In time, home will feel nice and tidy again.

It’s about appreciating home when it isn’t a gleaming light of perfection. It’s about loving and feeling grateful for your home, no matter what its state. It’s accepting home for all of the good and bad parts—the cracks in the walls and all the things about it that make it unique. Because home is special. And home is you.

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