What You Want Isn’t Always What You Need

We don’t realize it, but maybe the things we want the most aren’t the things we need. Maybe the things we think we need aren’t what’s best for us. Maybe they’re clouded by our selfish, biased judgment. Maybe, what we want actually represents how much we try to control our lives. Maybe what we want most, we wouldn’t want so much, if it was actually supposed to happen.

Maybe we long for it so much because it isn’t ours. We have these ideas and storylines of what could be. We make these grand, beautiful scenarios in our minds without knowing if it’d actually fulfill us in the first place. We attach ourselves to potential. We fall in love with potential. We get so attached to the idea of what could be.

Maybe these made-up storylines and these awfully great ideas we’ve come up with, are actually what we need the least. Don’t you think what we actually need the most would come naturally? Don’t you think if something belonged to us, we wouldn’t have such a deep sense of longing and desire, but instead, peace? Don’t you think we wouldn’t need to make up these potential realities in the first place?

The point is, these ideas, dreams, and potential realities that aren’t actually realities aren’t helping you. They aren’t taking you anywhere better than where you are right now. They aren’t making what you “want” to happen, become what you need to happen. What you actually need to happen will happen. So let it.

Stop holding onto what could be. Fuck the “what if’s”. Stop holding onto what you think sounds better for you. You just want it cause you don’t have it. Why don’t you try wanting what you have?

Practice gratitude for what you do have. Practice acceptance of what you don’t.

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