Don’t Go Back, Unless

Don’t go back because of the past.

Don’t go back because they know you better than anyone knows you. Don’t go back because they know you differently and deeper than anyone. There’s a reason why you left. There’s a reason why it didn’t work to begin with. Trust yourself and trust the decisions you’ve made. Trust your path and trust that your life is working the way it should. 

Don’t go back out of loneliness or because those familiar moments seem appeasing. Don’t go back because you’re longing for the familiarity. Familiarity is comforting, but newness is exhilarating. 

Don’t go back because of the “what ifs”. That factor just isn’t enough. If you act upon this “what if” notion, you’re forcing something. If it’s meant to happen again, it will happen. 

Don’t go back because of the memories. Don’t go back because of the peak moments or because of the highlight reel you’re looking at. Those times are beautiful and they should be cherished. You should be grateful. But it isn’t a reason to go back.

Don’t go back because the idea of it all sounds nice again. Don’t forget how they hurt you. Don’t forget how hard you tried. How many times you convinced yourself you could make it work, just to realize each time that you couldn’t. Don’t forget how much of yourself you gave up. Don’t forget how many times you choose to love the relationship more than you chose to love yourself. Don’t go back because it’s so easy to forget all the progress you’ve made. 

Don’t go back out of weakness, please. That’s the worst thing you can do. Go back because you’re whole now. Go back because you’ve realized they don’t complete you, they compliment you. Go back because you’ve accepted the past for what it is and are open to the future being whatever it may be. Go back because at the end of the day, you’re okay either way.

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