Where Do Our Dreams Fit In?

What do you Love? What fills you with joy and excitement? What makes you lose track of time? What makes you lose track of yourself? What makes your heart sing?

We often find ourselves wondering how we arrived at this place and space in time, wondering who we are and where “we” went. We question where our dreams have gone and how they escaped our hearts without a sound nor trace of the magic we once held so dearly.

It’s life. Life gets in the way of our dreams, our desires, and of our truth.

We work away our days, waiting for them to end, only to begin and end again. Each day that falls behind us is yet another day we swim through the rough waters without our dreams in tow; we leave them behind at the shore only to be washed away by the tides and lost among the salty sands.

Is it the roles we take: husband, wife, mother, father? Is it the stress of life that rips our dreams so abruptly from our hearts? Or is it the expectations others place upon our backs that make us put aside what we love? Do we let go of who we are to become what others want us to be?

The importance of doing something you love is as important as the air we breathe. It’s a necessity, it’s how we thrive, how we feel alive. It literally pours within our cells a feeling of pure bliss and happiness, and it’s what makes our heart beat faster when we’re engaged in the moments of doing what our soul seeks to fill itself full.

Doing something you love doesn’t have to be a career, it doesn’t have to take up your whole day if you don’t want it to, but it should fit into a part of your day like any other “important” task.

What if you’re not passionate about something; how do you find out what moves your heart to joy? You play. You create, invent, be curious, try as many new things as you can. You take ideas and sit with them, and then run with them, as fast as you can. Maybe it’s helping others within your community or a friend redecorate their home – if you look long and hard enough, you will find it. 

Your dreams and passions lay dormant until you do something to awaken them. Sometimes the thing we love is only a song or painting away.

We aren’t here to just work our lives away, we are here to enjoy all the gifts we were given and embrace the treasures that were born within us. We’re here to bask in the fruits of life before we pack up our souls and leave this life for good. 

Take the time to discover, or rediscover what you love. Make it as important to you as the air you breathe because nothing can bring you more happiness then sharing what you love with the world.

Reiki Master | Self Love & Spiritual Teacher | Bestselling Author

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