15 Tips For Mastering Happiness


Unfortunate personal experience has taught me that the world inherently contains bad things. Life sucks, but I have a surprise – it goes on! It’s all up to us how we face a situation. Give it time! I firmly believe an individual can strategically learn how to sustain a happy state of mind. Of course it’s natural to have our bad days, but we mustn’t fret. It’s okay to have our bad days, but you must pick yourself up immediately.

In my case, I follow these tips. It’s like training your body to run a marathon, it takes time and utterly impossible to learn over night. As the the Buddha says, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” Props to Buddha – he is and forever will be the king of contentment! We have the power my friends, it’s all up to us! I call it, the art of mastering happiness.

1. LEARN TO screw the “system.” The world tries to tell us to be sane and orderly. So, be vigorous and set a new norm, completely authentic to your inner self.

2. MASTER the ability to take any sadness in your heart and put that intense energy into helping others who may be struggling more than you – you’d be surprised, this helps! You are taking negative energy and exchanging it in for positively pure energy (PERK: it gets your mind off of things and your helping another soul)

3. DISCOVER the beauty in being comfortable with your own company. I swear, this is the most liberating state in the world! Go for a nature hike and free your thoughts, or simply go for lunch and take in the view. We don’t always need to be surrounded by others! If you can learn to love your own company, you will never experience the unhappiness of loneliness.

4. ENJOY your cup of coffee. Sometimes all we need is a few moments of “coffee and me” time. These few tranquil moments allow you to reflect on your day ahead, and learn to enjoy and take in the little moments of peace we may have. Don’t always rush, your coffee time may just be a metaphor for life, so sip it with love.

5. REALIZE that you will NEVER be anyone but you! Stop comparing yourself to other people right this instant! Embrace the person you are – you’re the best at being you and will be living in your skin forever, so learn to love it!

6. CREATE a vision board to establish your goals! Make a list of things you want to accomplish for a short term time frame, and long term. A great way to do this is to paste pictures on a nice big board so you can see the images on a daily basis. By doing this, you are motivating yourself to put action into your dreams. It may take months or years, but draw a check mark on the images you’ve accomplished as you go. By doing so, you are acknowledging how productive you are, and thus giving satisfaction for all the good you’ve done. Satisfied you = happy you.

7. FILTER through the good and bad people in your life. Spend lots of time with the good, minimize your time with the bad. Accept that bad people in your life will never change, so either learn to deal with them, or rid yourself of the negativity…

8. …If you chose to hang onto the negative people in your life, realize that you are simply strengthening your soul. You are essentially formulating a powerful persona, and minimally letting people have an effect on your vibe. This takes time, but if you can master this, you are a true warrior! Realistically, negative people are always around, so if you can learn to deal with them now, you are golden!

9. EDUCATE yourself! Strive to gain wisdom. Your degree won’t be your survival guide, but the sophistication of your rationale will. It is the instruction manual for your life, so learn wisely. Experience things, travel, try new foods, read the news paper! We can’t sustain a content mindset unless we know about the world! Personal education nourishes the soul, and allows for us to form thoughts. Our thoughts are the closest things in telling us who we are, so think wisely!

10. PRACTICE meditation.. a lot! By meditating, you bring peace to your soul, and peace frees us to our raw core. If you take 15 minutes out of each day, you allow yourself to peacefully catch up on your soul, and release any stress. Again, cherish these peaceful moments, you’re soul deserves it!

11. EXPRESS gratitude every moment of every day. How do you expect to be any happier from greater circumstances if you don’t appreciate what you have in this instant? Gratitude is the root of contentment.

12. DRINK raw juice. I swear it works! A happy tummy = a happy mind

13. CLEAR any form of social media that brings you grief.. right this instant! Whenever you find yourself sitting in front of the images of an ex-lover, or ex-best friend for more than 60 seconds, realize that is a minute you could be having a stimulating conversation with a good friend.

14. SMILE at strangers. Shocker, but 9 times out of 10 the other person will smile back. You could just make someones day, or they could make yours! By smiling, we are opening our souls to the world, and thus, opportunities are more likely to arise in these scenarios.

15. BE spontaneous. Spontaneous actions are raw, and unthought out. Don’t always think things through, just do it. You are channeling you’re inner animal, where your true desire may run free — ya, I guess desire completely bashes the idea of contentment, but a little desire doesn’t hurt once in a while. TC Mark


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