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Letting Go Will Give You More Than It Will Take

Why is it so difficult to loosen our grip on all that no longer serves us? The friend who pierces our trusting backs with a dagger is the friend we forgive again and again. The lover who tangles us in a sticky web of lies and deceit is compensated with infinite chances. We willfully keep our deepest despairs within our clutches, unable to pry ourselves away from its mischief. It’s almost as if we’re purposely shielding ourselves from progression so that we’re unable to forge ahead.

After a while, the throbbing aches of mistreatment become reliable, and eventually even comfortable. This is how people become entombed. Sometimes the thought of starting anew isn’t worth the trouble of leaving, so people stay. They stay trapped beneath the dirt of depression, remorse, and self-loathing.

When we let go of something that isn’t meant for us, we not only unclutter our lives of negative forces but we get more in return than we surrendered. You’re probably familiar with the phrase, “When one door closes, another opens,” but what they don’t tell you is that you’re opening so much more than just a single door. You’re opening your mind. Your heart. Your entire universe and all its passageways.

What would happen if we cradled change the way we do comfort? Imagine the mountains we’d summit. The opportunities we’d awaken.

When we unveil our courage and let go, we find ourselves frolicking in thousands of unspoiled acres of hope. We find ourselves acknowledging how far we’ve come and we see twenty-twenty in hindsight. We register our past behavior as childish because our souls have aged in decades. We might even find ourselves thinking, “How could I have been so foolish to have clung to that abusive partner or to have remained working for a company that reeked of immorality?”

Letting go shines a spotlight on our evolution and allows us to go on to the next chapter after an eternity of hovering over a single page.

Letting go brings us things like closure and new beginnings glistening over the horizon. It will never bring us what we anticipate, but it will always astonish us for the better.

If you’re struggling to let go, remember that you only have two hands. Two hands can only hold on to so much at one time. If you had to choose between acquainted grief or unacquainted joy, which one would you reach out and grab?

Give yourself permission to lift anchor and you will find yourself in places you never knew existed.  

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