5 Steps You Need To Take In Order To Make Peace With Yourself

It is indeed as difficult as it sounds. It’s all about constant learning, which can be a hard work. You learn to understand, to listen, to feel and most important, to appreciate yourself. This process takes the whole life and coming to understanding of your need to do it takes ages. Most probably it will never be enough no matter how hard you try, but getting to know your true self is essential to lead a full life and to find your very own harmony.
radu emanuel
radu emanuel

1. Come to terms with yourself.

Acceptance is the key. Think about people you love; how often do we accept their faults and weaknesses in the sake of love but how hard is it to accept our own faults? No one is perfect and no one should be. Accepting yourself with all your weaknesses and letting go of all the doubts, really loving yourself for who you are – these are the first steps towards reconciliation.

2. Go spiritual.

It is absolutely incredible how much we can learn about ourselves in prayer and/or meditation. Since most of us lead a fast-paced and dynamic life, finding time to stop and reflect is necessary to coming on terms with ourselves. And, of course, everyone needs some time alone. Prayer gives us these opportunities. Moreover, it gives us hope and when one lives with a strong fate and hope it automatically brings tranquility and peace to one’s life.

3. Unleash your inner artist.

Art is life. It is the mightiest power that frees the spirit. Art even has healing powers. It is beneficial for both your body and soul, and is an ultimate instrument in learning more about yourself. Another vital thing art gives us is concentration (the lack of which some may experience) and thus your art session can turn into meditation as well. There are plenty of options to choose from – whether it is music, drawing, dancing or anything else, until it is what you love, it will be a beautiful addition to your life.

4. Don’t hold on people too tight.

People who are meant to be there will stay in your life. Don’t hold others. Be open to everyone but try to think of the connections you make as situational. Learn to divide your connections on those close and not. If people go – let them go. Learn to cherish your present, enjoy the time you spend with someone here and now, and don’t let your past relationships affect your future.

5. Know when to make a break.

We all need a break sometimes. Don’t overestimate yourself and listen to your body. When you need a break – go for it. It’s not necessary to make long vacations every time you feel like making a break (yes, unfortunately we live in a real world), but just one day will be enough if you organize it consciously. Don’t waste your weekend on staying at home and watching Netflix. Instead, get outside, stay close to the nature. Appreciate the gift Earth gives you. Nature brings us back to our roots, teaching us a lot about ourselves and bringing peace to our souls. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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