This Is What New Love Feels Like

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New love feels like a cold shower after walking in the desert for so long. It cleanses you of the exhaustion you endured while wandering through the unknown. It’s the anticipated rain after a long, hard drought. A breath of fresh air.

New love means memorizing a whole new person. It’s remembering a new birth date, learning new favorite songs, learning how they take their morning coffee, hearing about new dreams, embarrassing moments and everything in between.

New love is like spring when life begins again in the once bitterly cold places.

New love goes on political rants, religiously listens to John Mayer, and agrees to watch a scary movie with you at the theatre even though they hate them.

New love helps you grow. You wonder how someone’s differences complement yours and how amazing it is that these difference bring you together, instead of pushing you apart. They teach you things every day, ultimately making you more aware of yourself and the world around you.

New love means suddenly listening to country music on your way home. It’s adding Aaron Watson to your current favorite playlist even though you swore off country music your entire life.

New love sings your favorite Spanish rock songs to you in the car even though they swear they hate singing. It makes you want to freeze time and somehow keep that moment forever. It makes you realize you never want to forget how you feel in that moment.

New love is opening up your heart to someone new. It’s showing each other the sides you’ve never shown anybody else, even the ones you’re ashamed of. It’s being vulnerable around each other even though you swore you’d never do so again.

New love is having all those love songs finally start to make sense. It’s realizing that the warm feeling people write books, sonnets, and poems about is real. It’s not all made up.

New love is having something to lose. It’s fragile but somehow, it only makes you stronger.

New love is everything, all at once.

This is what new love feels like.  TC mark

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