Read This Right Now If You Truly Believe All Men Are Assholes

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In life, there stand very few truths. One of those few, unyielding truths is that not all men are assholes. This truth lies in direct contrast with the general notion conceived by most spinsters, that all men are assholes. We’ve muttered it under our breaths after every bad break up, after every failed date, after every display of male fallacy. All men are the same. They are unhinged in their ways and there exists not one who doesn’t possess the traits of an asshole. However, I know this not to be true for one simple reason.

If we live in a world in which my brother exists, then not all men can be assholes.

I can already hear the purple lipped naysayers bitching. “All men are the same.”, “You’re just saying that because he’s your brother”, “you don’t know what he’s done to other women.” To those ladies, I have one question. Have you met and gotten to know every single man on this planet? I already know the answer, the answer is no. No fellow bitch, you haven’t gotten to know every single man on this planet and because of this fact, you couldn’t possibly be sure if every man in the world was actually an asshole.

What you’re doing is stereotyping all straight males based on past negative experiences (Which by definition is sexism. Welcome to the hypocrisy). And with that, going into any new relationship, you already have this preconceived notion that this guy is bound to be a dick like the rest of them. Because of this preconceived notion, you start to sabotage the relationship all in an effort to be correct. You hark, “I was right he was a dick. The relationship didn’t work”.

Kindly step off.

Women who constantly blame men are the women who refuse to believe that they too are the problem. Many forget that men are human beings (surprise!). Meaning, no one is perfect, not even women are perfect. For us to say that all men are assholes and that they are always to blame is absolute rubbish. It’s a victim complex that must end. It takes all accountability away from any romantic relationship.

Last time I checked, and I do check quite frequently, it takes at least two to tango. That means that there is equal culpability. So if men are collectively fucking up every single time, without fail, that with be an actual miracle. Mathematically speaking, it would be impossible.

No one should settle, but no one should set unrealistically high standards that no living being could ever reach. It’s just unfair. If you really truly believe that all men are assholes, you will never find happiness in any relationship. We’re all guilty, we’re all capable of being the bad guy. At one point or another, we were the bad guy.

Now, to return to my original premise. If we live in a world in which my brother exists, then not all men can be assholes. My brother is the most kind, selfless, loving, genuine, intelligent person I know. I’ve never met anyone who puts others before himself always. He’s been denied time after time because many women set their standards impossibly high and they don’t know a good thing when they see it. Most women care about presentation hence why they end up so disappointed when they finally see beyond the facade.

Fret not ladies, there are others out there as good as my brother. Just remember that no one’s perfect. Especially not fucking you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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