6 Great Ways To Effectively Suppress Your Emotions!

woman sitting near white concrete fence
Demetrius Washington / Unsplash

Emotions make me feel uncomfortable, which is why I tend to avoid experiencing them. I suppress any sort of expression that may lend a hand in people understanding my inner personal conflict. When people ask me the dreaded question, “How are you?” I’m not at all okay with this line of questioning. It’s invasive and uncalled for. I don’t go around psychoanalyzing people asking “how they are?” and I don’t think it’s too much to ask that others do the same.

You: How is your day?

Me: Death is the only guarantee.

There is that what you wanted?

I have come up with several methods on how to effectively suppress your emotions that I thought I should share.

1. Reciprocate Conversation: There is one response that will ALWAYS work. “Really?” It’s not an actual question, and it is not a concrete answer. It’s right in the middle.

“I’m a plumber.” “Really?”

“I eat beef” “Really?”

“Where are you from?” “Really?”

“I love your scarf.” “Really?”

“We should meet up sometime.” “Really?”.

“How are you handling the death of your father?” “Really?”

2. Smile: If you portray yourself as happy on the outside, people will then assume that you aren’t the absence of light on the inside.

3. Self-Care: Self-care in the form of self-destruction is always a good route to go.

4. Laugh More: When people insult me, I laugh at them. Nothing hurts me [except everything]. When something goes wrong, I laugh. This is an easy fix, good thing I’m [not] equipped to deal with this.

5. Cardio: Run from the truth.

6. Just Start Quoting Non-Specific Things: I do this when I’m not sure how to respond to people’s questions.

Me: Well, it’s like George Washington once said “I tried”

You: Did George Washington really say that?

Me: I’m sure he did at some point TC mark

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