10 Things I Learned While Struggling To Live Without You

Issara Willenskomer
Issara Willenskomer

1. My fault was simple. I was looking for redemption in someone, who was just as corrupt as myself.

2. I’m still not sure what’s worse: doing what you did to me or living with what’s been done to me.

3. If you’re never going to talk to me again, that’s okay. I know you promised, you’d still love me even if I did something very bad, like kill you in your sleep, but I know that sometimes it snows in the middle of April, and weeds grow in the middle of a rose garden, so I understand that things happen that aren’t supposed to.

4. We can pretend that we don’t know each other’s secrets, that I don’t know the sound of your father’s voice makes you flinch, that you don’t know I have a writers soul up at 3 am, but we know, oh we know.

5. If feeling something is inevitable, I’d rather hate you than love someone else.

6. You can’t stab someone in the back and expect them not to bleed.

7. I guess sometimes we don’t get goodbyes.. And that’s a goodbye in its own way.

8. Some people, like me, spend their lives looking for someone who understands them, while others, the ones like you, spend their lives running away from those who do.

9.  Missing you feels as though a part of me is missing, and what’s worse is it’s a part of me, I may never get back.

10. The struggle continues. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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