7 Positive Affirmations You Should Remind Yourself Of Every Single Day

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Words have power. We conform gradually to what we feed our minds, more importantly the words we tell ourselves, the inner thoughts we think.

A good way to start is by telling yourself that you can. If you’ve been struggling with negative and self degrading thoughts, begin by declaring these 7 positive affirmations to yourself for a period of 21 days and you will begin to see yourself in a new light.

1. You can learn, have, or be anything if you are willing to work for it.

The world was created for learning and right from birth we begin to learn things: how to crawl, how to talk, how to read and write.

No one was born a doctor, writer, teacher or poet. We learn these things as we lead our various lives. Tell yourself that you can learn anything that you can’t to become what you want to become.

You have a brain, utilize it for learning. The brain has the capacity to grasp all the information in the books ever written up until today. Don’t waste that grey matter. Unlock the genius in you.

Apply yourself daily to continuous learning. The moment you stop learning, my dear friend you are dead. Say this out loud, “I can learn and be anything I want to become if I am willing to pay the price.”

2. You can say no to the good things in order to say yes to the best things.

An attitude that seeks to please everybody is fatal to your success in life. If you don’t have a destination every bus stop will look like your destination.

You must give your main task your 100% and undivided attention because when you begin to share your attention, your energy, and your zeal towards your main task, it gradually diminishes and you begin to deviate from your main purpose.

Every day you have to say no to good choices, the better choices that tempt, seduce and beguile you in the attempt to crave your attention.

Say no emphatically to lesser opportunities. When you do this you are opening doors for the best of opportunities to knock on your door.

3. You can be the best at what you do if you don’t quit.

To be the best at what you do, first you have to believe that you can and then see yourself becoming the best. Affirm to your conscious self though words that you can become the very best at what you do.

It doesn’t end there because the most important part is the commitment to put in the work, determination, dedication and discipline to become the best.

Every exceptional individual never stumbled on success. And you will never stumble on success, appear on the cover of a magazine by luck or chance; there has to be work done. Successful people made conscious steps that inched them closer to their goals, consistently committing and adding the extra to the ordinary things they did.

To become the best you can’t give up. The distance between you now, and the you that becomes the best, is time.

4. You can do more than what you think you can.

In his book Think Big, Ben Carson MD, explains in details the enormous potential of the brain and it is sad to say that we barely even tap into a quarter of its amazing potential.

Push yourself to do a little extra.

It’s simply the extra that makes the ordinary extraordinary. Challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone. Add 10 more push ups to your daily routine. Wake up a little earlier. Write 500 extra words. Read 50 extra pages.

In building a muscle you have to work the muscle by lifting weights that cause the muscle to get strained and stretched. It will hurt, but after a time your muscle will become adjusted to the work and it relaxes. It gets into the comfort zone. If you continue with the same amount of work, your muscle will not grow, it will remain the same because it needs a new amount of increased work to strain and stretch it at this level.

5. You are the truest version of yourself.

You can’t afford to copy others and try so hard to duplicate their lives because no matter how hard you try, you will only get to the position o f second best.

You are the only one like you and this may sound cliché, but its truth remains valid. Science has proved its fact in our different and unique thumbprints.

Learn from the experiences of others, but never lose yourself in the process. Strive everyday to become the best you can be because that is all you can be come in the very end.

Read personal development books that teach self improvement. Learn about the human mind, the human behaviour and you will understand why we do the things we do. Seek for answers and you will find. Everyday become a better you.

6. You can rise above your past and look into your future.

Failing Forward, leadership guru John Maxwell’s book, teaches 12 principles on how to fail forward. He mentions of the fact that you can’t afford or let your past failures define you.

Failure is not fatal. Choosing to stay down and quitting is the death of your success. When you fail, brush yourself up and try again. Everybody has a past, but tomorrow is better and tomorrow is yesterday’s today.

So make a decision to see the opportunities you have in front of you rather than lamenting on the past errors. Learn from your mistakes and move on; don’t dwell there.

Enjoy your today as much as you can, when you do this you are creating a better future for yourself. Let go of the past and live in the now.

7. You can dream big and see your dreams play out in real life.

Big or small, dreams are dreams, so why limit yourself to only dream little dreams? Make it a daily habit to remind yourself that you can dream big every day because only you can put a limit to your imaginations and your thoughts.

If you can think it then you can achieve it. Dream. Believe. Achieve. And repeat tomorrow. A life without a vision and dream is a life devoid of joy and bliss. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Chinedum is a perfectionist that is currently unlearning perfection and embracing a simple and excellent life.

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