20 Life-Changing Truths Every 20-Something Should Know

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1. You can’t control the situations and circumstances that occur in your life but you can control your responses to those events, and therein lies the difference in our personalities.

2. You always have a choice no matter what happens to you and the greatest power you have is your choice. Never give anyone the power of your choice.

3. You will fail at a lot of things before you eventually find your passion. It doesn’t mean that you are a failure. Just keep trying because sooner or later you will find what you love, and when you do your heart will know it.

4. Your fantasies, myths and ideals about life will be shattered. Life will hit you hard in the face and you will fall. Get back up taller and stronger. It is all a process to redefine and make a better you.

5. Life will not be fair, don’t complain. Work your ass off. Seek more. Be more. Do more.

6. You will fall in love and it will seem like the perfect feeling until your heart is broken. Don’t give up on love. Give love another chance. You deserve to be loved and you are meant to love.

7. You’ll fall out of your beliefs and live incongruently with your core values. Don’t hate yourself. In this period you’ll find your higher purpose and what you really believe in.

8. You’ll never know how you’ll achieve your goals and dreams. Keep at it anyway. As you move on the journey towards your goal, the path will become clearer.

9. You are not your past mistakes and experiences. Don’t beat up yourself. Everyone makes these mistakes. Let go. Learn from your experiences and that of others and keep going.

10. You’ll lose friends; don’t fret. The true ones will stick around through the thick and thin. Never let go of them.

11. You will work harder than everyone else and you’ll get a little reward for it. Don’t get lazy. Work hard still. The compound effect of your hard work will pay off in the end.

12. You will look for shortcuts to success and not find any. There is no shortcut to success. Success lies in finding your unique combination of discipline, determination and dedication.

13. You will not have enough money to satisfy your wants. Be grateful for what you have and the needs that you can afford with the money you have.

14. You will feel like comparing yourself with others because you think their life is better than yours, or that they have it all figured out. Don’t fall into the trap of self pity and depression. Everyone has a unique path to destiny. Enjoy where you are.

15. You will achieve great milestones. Reminisce. Relive those breathtaking moments in your moments of despair.

16. Life will offer you free lessons on living. Be a good student of life and a committed learner. These are the necessary skills you’ll need for survival.

17. You’ll love to do a few things. Do them often. Follow the best of your heart. That is where your passion lies.

18. You’ll have to remind yourself that you are awesome. You are lovable and invaluable. No one can love you better than yourself.

19. A variety of things will clamor for your undivided attention. Always keep your focus on the things you really want to do.

20. You will be extravagantly exuberant. You will be adventurous and indulge in youthful escapades. Do listen to the voice of those ahead of you; their advice will save you a lot. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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