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Forever Young With Taylor Swift

My problem with Taylor has always been the fact that she and her team have consistently painted her as this young, innocent girl, and the media is eating it up without question.

Running In Circles With Kelly Clarkson

2011 is the year of the comeback pop star. From Britney to Beyonce, everyone who had been dormant for the last year or two has been hustling hard to land their spot on the charts. Not one to be left out, Kelly Clarkson is throwing her hat in the ring with a new single “Mr. Know It All” and her new album Stronger, dropping next Tuesday… 

Walking On Eggshells With Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is releasing a new album and it’s making me really uncomfortable. It just seems that after her nervous breakdown at the end of last October and being released from rehab for “emotional and physical issues” this past January, it’s a little… too soon.

JoJo’s Comeback And Why You Should Care

Her first single, “Leave (Get Out)” (You know it. You love it. Admit it.) hit number one on the Top 40 Mainstream when she was just 13, making her the youngest solo artist to have a number-one single in America. Her debut album, JoJo, went platinum and charted in the top ten on both mainstream and R&B/Hip-Hop charts.

An Open Letter To Beyoncé

You have this habit of having about four hot tracks on your album and then filling the rest of it with filler songs and sleepers.  Upon hearing your first album, I thought this mistake may have been a fluke.  I gave you the benefit of the doubt that perhaps you were still figuring the whole “solo” thing out.  Learning what it means to stand on your own two feet as a solo artist.