Love Lives Inside Of You

A man and a woman dance, holding hands, on a fenced-in pathway in the woods
Clarisse Meyer / Unsplash

I hope this journey leads you to a place where you can love entirely. And I don’t just mean in the arms of the person who keeps your bones warm at night. But that you really feel it, stitched into the fabric of your soul.

That you find love within yourself during moments where you least expect it. Like during solo movie dates, or dance parties in your bedroom, sipping red wine straight from the bottle.

And I hope loves energy pulses inside your veins, as you watch the sun rise in your favorite place. Or smell a dish that you’ve been craving forever. Love is the passion you pour out in words, and actions, wrapping itself around your heart.

Because we get so wrapped up in finding the magic that lives inside someone else’s rib cage, we become blind to what has always radiated around us. Love doesn’t have to look tall dark and handsome. Or like the girl across the hall.

Love can simply look like you.

And I hope to god you realize that you are all parts love. That you are not just another’s half, or even their whole world. Because you belong to you and you alone. And it isn’t until we discover this, that we can truly share love on the same frequency with another.

So find the love that has made home in your own heart, and spoil yourself with it. Let it flow out of you.

Because love is so much more than the eyes of a partner. Love is moving to the city you’ve always dreamed about. Love is the wind that plays in your hair. In your laughter and smile. Love is that first sip of coffee on a Sunday morning. Love is everywhere, all around us.

Love is everything. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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