9 Classic TV Shows, If They Had One Letter Dropped From The Title

Take a TV show title, remove one letter, and what do you get? An even better TV show, of course.

1. The Walking Dad

He’s big. He’s bad. And he wears piano ties. This fall, witness mobile parenthood like you’ve never seen it before. First, he sits. Then, he walks. Sometimes, he walks over to your mom. Other times, the kitchen. He might even walk in on you and your girlfriend. He may not be undead, but he’s certainly unforgiving.

2. Twin Peas

When a science experiment goes wrong, a pair of radioactive peas threatens to destroy dinnertime, and all of mankind. Armed with forks and army knives, two men volunteer to stop the madness. Double the peas, double the fun, this fall on FOX.

3. The Soprano

They said she would never sing for an acapella group again, but boy, were they wrong. In this new original series, teen beauty queen and acapella star Quinn Mudson finds her life forever changed when a freak humming accident alters her singing voice. No longer an alto, Quinn must find her place among a new high-pitched crowd if she has any chance at the Regional Acapella Sing-Off.

4. Arks and Recreation

What’s more fun than a local recreation center? A recreation center on an ark. Drawing from the Biblical tale of Noah, Arks and Recreation imagines the world in 2025 after a super-tsunami wipes out half of Earth’s population, leaving only a handful of survivors floating on wooden ships in the middle of the ocean. Surrounded by miles of dismal, black water, the planet’s last occupants must learn to entertain themselves in whatever way they can. Even without thousands of animals on board, these poor humans are in for a wild ride.

5. The Files

Office workers Foxy Mulder and Dan Scully are a pair of sweatpant-wearing, ordinary citizens trying to organize the thousands of unnamed files that their evil boss assigned to them. Is it an insurance report or a W-9 form? Does the tax document belong in the file cabinet or the shredder? Watchi this duo fight office clutter, Wednesdays on NBC.

6. Mad Me

From the makers of Two and a Half Me, Mad Me documents the lives of ordinary humans on their worst days. See what happens when a coffee order goes hilariously wrong or when a red Corvette cuts off an angry Bostonian during rush hour. Bringing together people with all kinds of anger management issues, Mad Me reveals the jerk in all of us. Think your day is bad? Mad Me is here to show you that it could always be worse.

7. The Vice

Four judges, one incredibly sinful person. In this new competition show, 10 criminals will strut their stuff (that is, their stolen goods) for a chance to earn parole. Celebrity judges OJ Simpson, Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen, and Roman Polanski, and their team of lawyers will coach each individual, outlining spotless testimonies and determining alibis until they are ready for their ultimate test in the court of law. Who will walk out of the prison gates for an indefinite period of time? Tune in this Monday to find out.

8. Hoeland

With a title that I would never suggest to any network, Hoeland is an American agricultural thriller developed by farmers across the country. Set in the early 2000s, the show depicts the struggles of two farmhands who, upon returning from a county fair one evening, discover that their fields have been littered with rusty hoes. Join Hershel and John Smith as they investigate the mysterious appearance of hoes with the help of a local shovel, Gravedigger.

9. House of Cars

Find out what happens when five car nuts are forced to live together for a month in this new critically-acclaimed series. “Team Honda” or “Team Prius”? You decide who will win the ultimate, 500,000 dollar prize as these five car lovers compete to be “the last driver standing.” Pilot episode, “Jesus, Give Me the Wheel,” premieres September 1st. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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