25 Reasons People Like Britney Spears, According To YouTube Comments

Everyone knows Britney Spears is the Queen of Pop. Her original sound and iconic red jumpsuit dominated the music industry in the early 2000s, turning the regular pop princess into Hollywood royalty. She has entered the media firestorm on one too many occasions, from her shotgun wedding to Jason Alexander in 2004 to her public breakdown in 2007, and come out on the other side miraculously unscathed. She’s one of the only celebrities in history that can lip-sync onstage, without explanation, and retain her loyal fan following. But why? What makes Britney so untouchable in the music industry? What makes her such a timeless idol? Some answers can be found in one of the Internet’s most brutally honest forums: the YouTube comments section.

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1. “It’s weird going behind the scenes of this massive name in the entertainment industry; you would think being so famous, she would have such a fiery personality but she’s surprisingly so simple and quiet.”

2. “I think that each and every song on this [tribute] video is a true work of art, why hasn’t Britney won a Nobel Peace prize yet?!! Damn Obama.”

3. “Britney is always humble and down to Earth and never talked bad about any other artists to stay relevant. She was just a normal girl who got hit by the bad (and the good) side of fame.”

4. “I love that nude sparkly suit.”

5. “She became who she is today because of her dance moves. Although it’s not how it used to be, she was known for her dancing, not her voice. People wanna see her kill it on stage, not to hear her sing. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to hear her sing live like she used to back in The Onyx Hotel Tour and previous tours but honestly, I don’t think it’s going to happen any time soon. I would rather her kill it on stage and not sing live than to dance okay and sound not too great singing live. Just my personal opinion. Nonetheless, I wish nothing but the best of her. You’re doing great, Britney.”

6. “She makes me wanna travel in time and live in 2000 all over again!”

7. “After such a public meltdown, she has shown courage and tenacity in her comeback, which is a lot more than her critics will ever possess.”

8. “Wow she still pretty and she like 30 something now and she does not get old fast.”

9. “I like Britney cos she’s never gone out of her way to change her musical style or her image just to go with whats currently popular. Always stuck to her pop princess roots, and she does it well! “

10. “She is a men-izer.”

11. “I always think Britney is like the modern version of Marilyn Monroe. They both got famous at a very young age and became idols, they have gone through tragedies and became media victims. They even have “Jean” as their middle name (Norma Jean and Britney Jean.) I really hope Britney will not end up like Marilyn.”

12. “See, these kinds of songs makes you wanna get sexy.”

13. “The queen of pop began here…. In a high school with the entire student population dancing behind her. Now, the entire world is dancing behind her. Anybody who isn’t dancing for Britney better get to work B**ch!!”

14. “C-H-I-L-D-H-O-O-D.”

15. “She’s like a female version of Michael Jackson with her dance moves, singing and all!!”

16. “I used to have a Barbie karaoke machine and I would always sing this song… I had a strange childhood.”

17. “I challenge any hetero man to get through [the Toxic video] without uttering “damn” at least once. This is the real deal.”

18. “You r the hottest girl in the world!?!! Lol hot ppppppsssssss steaming hot jk just 11 years old but still would date you in 6 years c’mon giv it a thought britt datin an 18 yr old guy when your 28 if ull Waite for me again jk lol # I like Pie whooooo.”

19. “Shes hot, but I just noticed her eyes are a little far apart.”

20. “Omg my childhood! Oh god I remember having a little Barbie doll version of her in her red leather suit I ended up chopping all the hair off of it…. come to think of it it might have been a voodoo doll lol jk that’s mean.”

21. “Her voice is sex, it takes me there.”

22. “She’s braindeadly.”

23. “She’s Miley, but cuter.”

24. “Britney’s age is her ace in the hole. She’s been in the public eye since she was a little girl. Her fan base spans two generations and most have significant disposable incomes now. In addition her overcoming such a huge meltdown has gained her massive sympathy. Where younger fans may just write someone off, older fans all have experienced life’s struggles and she’s an inspiration.”

25. “Godney!” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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