10 Signs You’re Well On Your Way To Becoming Your Mother

London Scout

Oh no. Your greatest nightmare – YOU are becoming YOUR MOTHER. Well, maybe it’s not really a nightmare. And it just makes sense, doesn’t it? You have 50% of her DNA and she’s raised you, so of course you’re going to have quite a bit in common with her. Have you already noticed it starting? Maybe you catch yourself repeating her trademark phrase, or folding the towels the exact way she does. “Uh-oh.” you think, “I’m turning into my mother!” Check the following 10 clues – have you noticed any of these?

1. You remind your friends to bring a jacket when it’s cold.
Nobody likes to be freezing, and sometimes your pals just need a reminder! You’re just being helpful! Every friend group needs a group mom, and maybe it’s you!

2. You care about things being clean.
You might notice yourself picking up after other people, and reminding others to clean up after themselves – and now you get it. You get why she always wanted your stuff off her couch.

3. You want to feed everyone.
Do you pack a snack? Offer your friends food or drink when they come over? Bake cookies for someone in need? You might be approaching Mom Mode.

4. You carry a giant, full purse.
You just want to be prepared, so it’s best to keep some tissues, medicine, chap stick, spare change, and basically everything else you own in there. Just in case.

5. You don’t “get” the newest social media fad.
Whether it’s some weird website, a meme you have to ask your friends to explain, or a word you have to google (“tbh” for example) – who has time to stay up on all the new stuff these days?!

6. You boss your roommates around.
“Did you finish your homework? Put your shoes away! It’s your turn to unload the dishwasher. Don’t use that language!”

7. You roll your eyes at rambunctious teens.
Even if you may still BE a teen, you can recognize when other teens are being overly loud and obnoxious. Grow up!

8. You cry watching tv or movies. Remember when you used to laugh at your mom for crying over that dog commercial? Here you are dabbing your eyes in the latest Pixar film and wondering what in the world is going on.

9. You want to go to bed early. Partying is fun. But sometimes you just really feel like being in bed at 8 pm, you know? Nothing better than a good night’s rest!

10. You’ll get embarrassing on social media.
Maybe you’ll fall for an April Fool’s Day joke, or worse – sign your name to a status on accident! It’s all part of becoming your own mother.

Research shows that you will probably make the full transformation into your mother by age 31 or when you have children yourself! All in all, though, turning into your mother isn’t the worst thing in the world. After all, she did raise you, and you are pretty awesome. She can’t be all that bad. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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