Stop Looking And Start Waiting

I guess all of us were told that once we stop looking for something or someone that’s the moment we’ll find it. I have to repeat that statement to myself a couple of times because once we stop looking; we slowly entertain the idea of waiting. Waiting for something is a trait that not all of us are good at; we tend to become so impatient that we miss out on the things that truly make us happy. So you ask yourself “what do I do now?” simple, you just let things unfold in their own time. I am not saying that you should stop looking for anything at all. Many of us are looking for love, but instead of finding that “love” we find its counter fit… neediness, and that is not the same thing as love.

If you are not looking, there’s only one thing left to do: You wait. You wait while doing everything else that needs to be done before you meet your soul mate. You wait while striving to improve yourself better than who you were yesterday, there is no greater feeling that being happy with yourself before you can be happy with someone else. Do not try to control things into something that you want to happen and do not beg for it to come to you. It is best not to go around looking for love, I am sure you do not want to look too desperate for something that should not be forced but should be willingly given by someone.

So stop looking, and start waiting. And yes, many guys are single. That classmate of yours just got into a painful heartbreak and you are ready to be his crying shoulder and then maybe, he will turn to you after. Yes, that guy sitting across your table in the coffee shop is ready to strike a conversation. Or maybe your friend has this brother. Just stop. Don’t let this thoughts cloud your judgment, so better eliminate them before throwing yourself in a hole full of uncertain emotions.

Believe me, I know how difficult it is to wait for something that you really need in your life and hearing, “Don’t lose hope, you will find it too. Patience is the key.” I am not an exemption I got tired of waiting for times that I cannot even count, there were times that being desperate was something that I nearly considered just to fill the loneliness that I felt in my heart. We crave companionship, we crave to be wanted and be loved in return, we crave to be with someone who makes us feel as if we were just meant for each other.. and that moment will come, in due time. So waiting it is. The nice thing about not looking is you have enough time to be with yourself, to be happy with yourself and enjoy the company of yourself. And then maybe, you will find yours in the most unexpected way possible. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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