15 Necessities For Every Summer Road Trip


Clean your car

Inside and out, this is simple and it will make you feel so good when your trip first starts. Face it, your car is probably littered with some old gatorade bottles and dirty napkins, clean them out. A clean car is a happy car.

Use truck stops

Truck stops are there for a reason, to give you fuel, snacks, bathroom breaks, clean the windshield and check your tire pressure. If you need to take a rest, don’t do it on the side of the road, do it at a truck stop where there is constantly people moving and security cameras. Its a lot safer than some backroad or even the side of the road.

Take turns driving

Make your boyfriend, girlfriend, grandma, grandpa, mother, father, whoever you’re driving with have a turn. Its only fair that everyone gets their share behind the wheel (unless they make you feel unsafe, looking at you grandparents). So take turns and take a little nap while the other person is driving.

Don’t over exert yourself driving

Most of the time a road trip includes two people, but if it doesn’t, don’t over-do it. I know you would love to get to your destination on time, but it isn’t worth getting into an accident over trying to stretch another hour into your already 8 hour trip.

Traffic jams

They are inevitable and be prepared for them. utilized the second word and maybe have some good tunes to help you not be so frustrated when you’re stuck behind a big rig going less than five mph on a four lane highway. Also, take not at which lanes the trucks are in, they have CB radios and typically know what is happening ahead. So, if theres a ton of trucks in the right lane, then theres a hazard up ahead in the left (and vice versa)

Join a roadside rescue service

AAA is a great peace of mind for a small price to pay, sometimes your insurance has an extra package that can be added to help give you roadside assistance, look into it.

Create and map out your trip

In a world full of cell phones and GPS its kind of outdated to have a map or use map quest even, but it comes in handy. What if all of the sudden your GPS and cell phone stops receiving signal? You can be prepared by having a good old paper map or even printed out map directions that can help save you a lot of stress.

Check out the attractions

While you’re creating that handy map of your route, look for some fun attractions to stop at along the way to take a break from the road. This will help create long lasting memories with your family and friends. Oh, and don’t forget to take some pictures (not selfies).

Check the weather forecast

Nothing worse than driving into a big snow or rain storm when you’re driving along on a long trip. Look ahead at the seven day forecast for the states and cities you’re passing through. Trust me, it will help you prepare.

Make reservations at hotels

Making a road trip thats going to be longer than a day and you know you’re going to have to get a hotel? Find one and make a reservation. There’s nothing worse than driving a long while and finally being ready to stop and theres no vacancies and having to look elsewhere. Call and make those reservations so you know for sure you have a room.

If you’re bringing your pet, plan ahead

Bringing your furry companion? make sure he’s just as comfortable as you are. Stop every couple hours so they can stretch their legs and go potty. Give them water and food as soon as you stop and then take them for a little walk around so it gives it sometime to get into their belly and could help avoid having them get car sick. Oh, and it may seem cute to have your dog sit in your lap while driving, but its also unsafe, don’t do it.

Pack some snacks and drinks

Getting the hunger while driving is an unfortunate thing, combat this with some light snacks. Bring some pretzels or fruit and veggies to help ease the pain until you can stop for some real food. Also, avoid fast food whenever possible. You’re on a road trip, you can get McDonalds or BK at your hometown, if you’re gonna stop for a meal stop at some local diner to sample some of the local cuisine.

Make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape

This is important and does not take a long time to do, check everything about your car. heres a small list.



Tire tread and pressure (even the spare)

Windshield wipers

Headlights and brake lights

Fluid levels

Belts and hoses

Spare tire and jack

Bring some good music

Some cars have satellite radio, fantastic, you’re set. Some have a cassette player, so buy one of the auxiliary outputs to plug in your music player. If you’re stuck with only a CD player, be “old fashioned” and burn a good old road trip CD with some of your favorite songs and play that CD until your ears bleed. And when you get bored with that scan the local radio stations for a station you like.

Have fun

This is a vacation, not a forced march. Have fun with your road trip, but remember to be smart about it. Do the speed limit, stop regularly to use the restroom and check your vehicle out for possible warning signs.

Happy Travels!

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