I Don’t Know Why I Love You

I Don't Know Why I Love You
Brook Cagle

Maybe it’s about your sweet smile or perhaps your mesmerizing eyes. Hell, it might even be the way you laugh at the most simplest of things. Your mind was no exception. Who knew someone could be as amazing as you?

But maybe I’m wrong, because the times I only see those moments are those where you’re with him.

I actually find it funny that you chose him even if I was the one who was by your side through it all, completely oblivious of the fact that maybe,just maybe, things might not actually change between us.

I was the one you ran to whenever you needed someone to be there; the one who gave up everything for you to be happy, even if I wasn’t part of it; the one who found you when you were drunk, pouring your heart out into the wind; the one who cared for you, when you weren’t sober enough to take care of yourself.

None of that changed when you met him. I simply became the guy who never left.

I couldn’t blame you to be honest. It was my decision to stay. After all, I was just your best friend.

I never wanted this. I never wanted to undermine you and him. As much as I hate all of this, I’ll always be here. I was never someone special, nor was I ever someone you’d choose.

Now, seeing you with him made me realize somehow that even if everything fell apart between us, I’ll still always be one call away, even when the only possible moment I could see your smile was when you’re with him.

I never had an answer whenever you asked me why I fell in love with you.

But maybe, for even a moment, I do have an answer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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