You And I Together Is The Most Foolish Thing I Have Ever Hoped For.

Brittani Lepley
Brittani Lepley

Little Matchstick Girl

Have you ever noticed how wanting
burns you up
from the inside out?

Like one moment I am whole,

but then I hear
your voice on the phone

and I swear to god
three blocks away from here
they can smell smoke.

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Improper Emergency Procedure

You have more fucking fault lines than California,
but I’d still settle somewhere along your coast
if you’d take the time to stop shifting for a moment.
I’m not afraid of the ground moving under my feet,
but I’m a little worried about your tectonic plates
grinding up against mine in a way
that sends people running for door frames.

Brittani Lepley
Brittani Lepley

Laugh Lines

I am always moving towards you.

On my bad days, I say to myself: “then you”.
Sure, this now. But then you.

I will keep tossing myself life lines.
I will keep writing myself afloat
until I don’t have to write a poem
for every mile marker
from here to California.

You and I together is the most foolish thing
I’ve ever hoped for. You and I apart is more foolish.

When I can’t sleep at night, I dream up
conversations with you. I never call. I never push.
I try not to whine. I just write it all down.

Sometimes I want to apologize
for wanting you out loud,
like too many people know the reasons
I am going to have laugh lines.

Sometimes instead of distanced pillow talk,
I want to curl up with the phone
and read you poetry.

Instead, we just talk about it.

You say, “honey, how was your day?”
And I say, “today I wrote another poem
about your coffee cup mouth
and all the ways you still keep me up at night.”

I hear a sigh in your smile.
You make a sound that reminds me of
fighting with my bags at the airport;
but you’re still too far away. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

These poems are found in Trista’s new book, The Dogs I Have Kissed.

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