#WFL Presents: Travel Advice For Aspiring World Travelers

Flickr / Sara Bijana
Flickr / Sara Bijana

WFL – Wander Fucking Lust. You spent five hours pinning different photos of Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Johannesburg and Mongolia on Pinterest. You actually made over 200 boards, by continent and places you’ve been dreaming about every night. These boards feel good to look at! You’re officially inspired.

Good. We started with that too.

You then came across a travel blog, explored it for hours and read each article you were interested in. Bookmarked. You are now following every post of that blog. You even subscribed to the newsletter and liked all the social media accounts. As the days pass, the Facebook posts become more and more exciting. You like every bit of it. You become an automatic liker because the photos are so beautiful to look at. You don’t even believe such place in the world exists. Pinterest is becoming more real on your perspective as you see this person who is actually in that place you like to pin a lot.

You developed a routine of doing this everyday. As soon as you arrive your work desk, you automatically go to that blogger’s page. You also added some other pages that inspire you to the bookmarks bar. OMG, I love her! I want to be like her! I want to travel the world!

Double inspired.

A heavy breath. Heart beating fast. These travel bloggers are already haunting you. The more you discover that more people are doing it, the more your urge to see the world increases. You even tried to unfollow them for a time on Facebook but you just can’t help it. You go directly to their page every freaking minute.

We know what that exactly feels like that’s why I turned that fire into fuel and moved forward. And by we, I mean Yara and I. We’ve been traveling the world for over 10 years now and it’s the best decision we ever made. For many, traveling the world seems hard to achieve and I bet your friends and family are thinking you’re ridiculous for thinking you can travel the world on a budget. You need to talk to someone who will understand — that’s why we are here to answer any questions you may have to start to live a life of travel. 

Send in your questions to trishavelarmino@gmail.com. If you want it to be anonymous, just let me know in the email. I’ll respond with our own answer to your questions every Friday. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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