Be The Guy He Couldn’t Be

I’ve had my fair share of relationships in the past. To be honest, I will admit that I fell short several times in those relationships. As expected, there would be times when the other person would be the one to fall short. Shortcomings are inevitable because we really are only just people after all. At one point in time, we will fail to meet people’s expectations and this will eventually lead to their disappointment. Because of what was said above, I’m writing this letter for this person in my [hopefully near] future, whom I am looking forward to spending better days and times with. 

Be the guy he couldn’t be. 

Be the guy who shows up on time because he never did. 

Be the guy who will assure me that things will fall into place because when things got messy, I had to fix things by myself. 

Be the guy who puts me first but at the same time has things to do in his own time for himself. 

Be the guy who will take me seriously because he used to underestimate and criticize me and my capabilities.

Be the one who treats me right; the one who defends me from others; the one who sticks up for me regardless of what the situation is. 

Be the guy who will not give up on me, no matter how insecure I get or how complex my thoughts are. 

Be the guy who listens, for God’s sake, because listening is the easiest thing a person can do.

Be the guy who understands what he listens to; the one who won’t contradict and go against every word that I say.

Be the guy who would be willing to go on silly adventures with me.

Be the guy who accepts me; the one who won’t repeatedly remind me of my flaws; the one who won’t make me think crappy thoughts about myself; the one who will be content with the person I am today; the one who will not force me to keep changing the person that I am.

Be the guy who excites me but makes me feel extremely safe.

Be the guy who gets jealous but at the same time, the guy who trusts me no matter who I am with because if I’m with you, I will stay loyal.

Be the guy who loves me for me; the guy who tolerates my moods, my eccentric taste and my crazy self.

Be the guy who can convince me that I’m special despite all of my imperfections and my shortcomings.

Be the guy who respects what other people have to say; the guy who is genuinely kind and compassionate towards everyone.

Be the guy who makes me laugh because a little laughter immediately brightens a person’s day.

Be the guy who surprises me and not necessarily in terms of materialistic things; be unpredictable because sometimes the unconventional things that surprise us are the loveliest.

Be the guy he couldn’t be and I will give you everything that I have. My time and my effort. My whole self, flaws and all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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