How To Be Happy And Alone

“And no matter how special it makes a person feel to have someone who loves them, there’s still always such a thrill in being happily alone.”

There is a certain responsibility that comes with having a relationship. There’s pressure that comes from the other person’s expectations.

Coming from me, most of the problems from my past relationship were caused by these wretched things we call expectations.

Come to think of it, we are not to blame for expecting but instead we are to blame for expecting too much. Thus, the question that we ask ourselves very often is this: Why do we expect too much?

It is inevitable for us humans to expect, that’s a fact. But what makes it difficult is when what we expect from the other person is not the particular thing that we are looking for; when what we expect from the other person is what we are willing to give; when what the other person is willing to give, is not what gives us satisfaction.

However, you can’t blame others for giving back only a fraction of everything that you offer them because your fraction could be their whole.

When you do not carry the burden of another person on your shoulders, there is no one to disappoint. You are free from the fear of not being worthy of the person you love. You are free from the responsibility that comes with a relationship. You are free from the pressure that comes from that one person’s expectations. Don’t get me wrong, the feeling of being in one really is something else and it has taught me a lot of things about life. However, this time, I choose to satisfy me. I choose to give myself what others are not willing to give me.

Some people believe that us humans are happiest when we have someone special, and maybe that’s true. But if you are one of those people who’d give everything they have just to have another shot in their relationship, reconsider.

Maybe it’s the routine that you’d give everything to experience all over again; Maybe it’s the long talks on the phone, the way that person laughs, the little things they do for you. Maybe you miss the reminders, the fragments that remind you of the person who used to mean the world to you. You miss that person’s quirks, traits and habits.

You miss these little parts of them but you do not miss them. You miss the routine. Be grateful for everything they have taught you and for every single thing that you’ve done together. Do not be bitter, don’t check up on them too much. Instead, focus on yourself and on the thrill & freedom of being alone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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