Why I’m Not Ashamed To Be Obsessed With One Tree Hill And You Shouldn’t Be Either

Amazon / One Tree Hill
Amazon / One Tree Hill

It’s rare to find something in this world that speaks to you utterly and completely, that something that touches your soul, and helps you understand the world just a little bit better. For me, that something is One Tree Hill.

To many people, One Tree Hill is just another drama series that ran way too long on the CW. Those people roll their eyes, they judge, and they think it’s a little pathetic to be that into a TV show. But what those people don’t understand is that for me and thousands of other people, One Tree Hill isn’t just a TV show — it’s art. And what inspires people more than art? What’s so different about being in love with a TV show rather than with a painting, or a song, or a book? It’s all creation — something made with heart, passion, and eloquence.

One Tree Hill is special for many reasons. I won’t deny the fact that the show had some rough areas and unnecessary dramatics (Nanny Carrie, anyone?), but from those dramatics still came universal truths, and that’s what the show was really all about. These truths — which could either be cruel, inspirational or sometimes both — were always what stood out the most.

One Tree Hill teaches us all many things: Sometimes horrible things happen to good people, but it’s important to see the good in the world anyway. Pain and disappointment and struggle will always be a part of life, but so is love, if you look for it and accept it. Your biggest dreams are possible if you believe in them — and work hard at them, of course. Sometimes those dreams might get taken away at the last second, but you’ll be okay, because your dreams are endless and the people in your life will support you. You’re never truly alone in this world, not really. And even if you are right now, you won’t be forever. That person will find you.

All these things may seem obvious and trivial, but I think it’s good to have a reminder every now and then that the world is a great place if you believe in it. I think we all forget from time to time that this is a good life. That we live good lives. That this life may be short, but we can sure as hell try to make the best of the time we have.

What’s so wrong with finding solace in a TV show that focuses on the most important thing in life: our relationships. One Tree Hill proves over and over again that through it all, nothing matters more in this life than the people in which we surround ourselves. Being successful, getting a great job, buying a nice car — all of these things are nice and fulfilling, but what about when that stuff is gone? The only thing you’ll have left is the people around you, and I think that’s okay, more than okay. If you’ve still got people in your life who care about you, then I think you’re set for life, no matter what comes your way.

In other words, One Tree Hill gives me faith. It also gives me inspiration. And despite what many may believe, I don’t think that’s pathetic. Because in my darkest days, that show brings me comfort. It brings me so many things, just as it does for thousands of others. I recently went to Battlefield Park in Wilmington, NC where the River Court scenes used to be filmed. There’s a pavilion on the edge of the water. I’d seen it, but I’d never gone in before. What I found there was overwhelming. Hundreds of messages from One Tree Hill fans around the world were written on the wood. Every inch of the place was covered with thank you notes, quotes from the show, and all kinds of expressions of gratitude for this one show that changed their lives. That’s how powerful One Tree Hill is—in just nine seasons, our lives were changed irrevocably.

We’re all searching for something. I don’t really think that ever stops, no matter how old we get. So if there’s something in this life that gives you hope and comfort, I say embrace it. That’s what One Tree Hill is for me: a symbol of hope. Hope that there is still magic in the world, and that one day I’ll be lucky enough to be a part of it.

It’s rare to find something in this world that speaks to you utterly and completely. If you find something like that, never let it go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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