Words That Sound Racist But In Fact Are Not


Means: not generous; stingy.
Sounds like: an adverb used by Riley Cooper.


Means: a tiny mite whose parasitic larvae live on or under the skin of warm-blooded animals, where they cause irritation and dermatitis and sometimes transmit scrub typhus.
Sounds like: a Chinese wigger.


Means: a device for controlling the flow of liquid in a faucet.
Sounds like: a bigoted term for a bigot.

White Tower

Means: a chain of Greek restaurants in the Pacific Northwest.
Sounds like: a meeting place for klansmen.

Gooch Valve

Means: a valve-rod that pivots against a fixed point on a locomotive engine.
Sounds like: a slur uttered by American GIs in Vietnam during napalm runs.

Kiken Mania

Means: a Japanese Manga comic.
Sounds like: a pejorative term for a bar mitzvah.


Means: a fictional character from Cameron Crowe’s Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Refers to other surfers as “fags” at one point.
Sounds like: an aggressively anti-Latin American ice cream dish served at the end of an Old Spaghetti Factory meal.


Means: a mythical demon that showed himself thrice to the brothers Ween and in turn became the muse for the band.
Sounds like: a nineteenth century slur used by a blowhard, British colonialist to describe the people he has encountered while trying to own half of Africa.

Wet naps

Means: an individually wrapped moist towelette for personal use after the consumption of chicken wings.
Sounds like: a term used by a confused redneck when proposing solutions to immigration reform.
Bonus sounds like: a wet dream but in the afternoon.


Means: the nickname for the DC-area professional football franchise owned by a man who also has a minority stake in Six Flags.
Sounds like: an offensive term for first nations individuals.
Bonus means: an offensive term for first nations individuals. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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