She Is In Love

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In love.

She is not afraid to be herself.

She is not hesitant to say what she means.

She doesn’t cower at an obstacle or things that feel difficult.

She doesn’t worry about going it alone but is glad she doesn’t have to.

She reaches for his steady hand even when she doesn’t need it.

She wears the smile he gave her proudly because it amplifies the one she already carried.

She holds space for him to be vulnerable and receives the same in return.

She is not afraid to miss him.

She loves loudly.

She is not afraid her dark and stormy is too dark or too stormy.

She allows him in.

She trusts herself and she trusts him.

She feels whole alone and doubly with him.

She sees love in the way he looks at her.

She accepts his actions as truth.

She knows his word is his honor.

She can imagine carrying on without him because she trusts her own wings rather than the branch but she chooses and wants to soar through life with him.

She admires him.

She doesn’t allow doubt to come in, he leaves no room for her to question.

She feels accepted and yet challenged to want to be better.

She knows her past is now safely caged there and he works hard to help keep the sins of the past there.

He is valiant in lighting the darkness but can hold her there if that’s what she needs.

She knows his tenderness can manage her wounds and scars and that at the same time his masculinity is strong enough to lean into for safety.

She is not afraid to let go because he chooses her.

This time and every time.

In love, she becomes more of herself than she is alone. This is his gift. In truly seeing her, in choosing her exactly as she is, he sets her free to be and in her freedom, she becomes his partner, too.

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