If You Want To Live Your Best Life You Need To Live In The Moment


Pause for a second, where is your head at right now?

Are you over here, in the present moment, or over there, all cluttered up and thinking a million thoughts per second? Come back over here. I am giving you permission to show up, right here, right now.

This moment wants your attention. In fact, it is begging.

It’s just that you’ve been gone for so long, on some spell of absence, gripped by that incessant voice in your head, chirping away at everything else besides this. Everything else besides being present.

That voice that’s always filling in the gaps of future chores that need to get done, thinking about the next step, worrying about how an event is going to turn out. It’s like a factory machine that never stops humming.

But it is time for you to be here. Life is calling. It wants you to come up for air in this pool you’ve been mindlessly swimming in. It wants you to stop letting all the humming speak for you and muddle your view. Life wants to have a conversation with you. But you’ve been holding your breathe for too long and listening to too much chatter.

Close your eyes and swim to the surface. Open your eyes to the moment you are in now. Take a deep breath of its sweet air, and let your senses take over.


All zoomed in. That feels better, huh?

Because there is nothing more beautifully demanding than a moment’s call for your attention.

It’s like we’re always on the verge of truly feeling the weight of a moment, and right when we’re on its cusp, we get the urge to check our phone, or think about something that’s been nagging us, and immediately stop the flow of life trying to show us its beauty. Why are we causing ourselves to fight with life, when all it wants to do is fill us up with inspiration and creativity?

We need to loosen our grip. That’s when the magic happens.

You see, Life appreciates its committed relationship with you. It chose you because you could be the best boyfriend/girlfriend it’s ever had, and because of that, it wants the best for you. It wants you to know it inside and out, and be grateful for the hidden nuances that you’re privileged to uncover. And most of all, since Life is actually quite needy, it wants you to love it in return.

Next time you’re caught up in a routine, pause for a second. Look around like you’re in a photograph. In that stillness is where you can find the enchanting little things that Life has to offer you. Think about how cool it is that you can manipulate time like this and really feel something from it.

Because there’s beauty in making something out of what seems to be nothing. In breaking out of the clutter to create a gloriously expansive vision of your own world. Imagine living your whole life filled with moments like that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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