man and woman kissing during sunset

One Day, Love Will Take You

One day, you will meet somebody who will have big enough hands to hold every part of you. One day, those exact hands will take yours and hold them when you are sad, lonely, or confused, and just when you expect those hands to let go like all of the others that came before them, they won’t. You will look down, and those hands will still be in your hands. Thumb over thumb. Fingers intertwined. Palm pressed against palm.

One day, you will meet a love that feels so safe, it was as if you were made from the same star, like they have always been a part of you, which I know sometimes feels nearly impossible, because I am staring up at the infinite galaxy of a moonlit sky right now, but I promise, it’s out there. One day, you will meet somebody who sees every inch of your being—soul, heart, body—and steps in a little bit closer to say, “I want more.” One day you will meet somebody who understands every layer of you. Somebody who will slowly unravel these layers alongside you at your own pace, because one day, you will meet somebody who knows that in love, there is no rush. That love is slow, love is patient.

One day, somebody will love things about you that you’ve never even thought twice about. One day, any part of you that you have thought of as flawed will be the reason why somebody thinks you are beautiful. One day, you will meet somebody who laughs with you, cries with you, talks with you until the sun comes up, and when there are no words to say, lies awake with you in the silence of their breath and yours, their heart and yours. One day you will meet somebody who remembers every little thing you tell them, somebody who holds your words closely to them like treasures for their heart, lyrics to their song.

One day, it will make sense. One day, you will understand. One day you will look into the sunshine on a Tuesday afternoon, let the sun kiss your cheeks, and say thank you to all of the ones it did not work out with before.

One day, love will take you. It will wrap you in its’ arms with the warmest embrace, tangle its’ body into yours, and say, “Hi, my dear. This is love. Welcome home.”

I am most alive with my bare feet on the earth and a pen in my hand.

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